Interview with Monnalisa

Evidence of effective communication by Piero Jacomoni, Chirmain of the council and Founder of the Monnalisa maison, an high-end children's clothing company.

Evidence of effective communication by Piero Jacomoni, Chirmain of the council and Founder of the Monnalisa maison.

Fashion and Communication are now increasingly interconnected. We are no longer faced with a universe of the closed and independent fashion system, but with an integrated system, interconnected and contaminated by multiple dimensions. A continuous evolution, an increasingly fervent globalization, a market characterized by increasingly heated competition, make communication an essential element for fashion brands.

Let’s discover together this contamination between the world of fashion and communication with the interview with Piero JacomoniChairman of the board and Founder Monnalisa.

1. How important is communication in the success of a brand?

I believe that after creating a good product, an essential factor, communication of the same to all stakeholders is essential.

Telling the story of the company and those who work there is part of the brand. We cannot sell a product without putting it under the hat of a brand, better if well known.

Always accompanying the product with its name, composition, production location, increases its reputation and credibility.

2. Which media does a company like Monnalisa focus on for its communication? The “traditional” story still works (billboards, advertising in newspapers, etc.) or is going towards a more personalized and direct communication with customers, also through social networks?

The paper communication budget has been reduced by 70% for 4 years now and continues to decline.

There remains a seasonal product brochure, a product that is well cared for and well made by professionals who have accompanied us for years, and the social report because we have won the only Italian company twice, the Oscar on the Milan stock exchange for the transparency of the data in it contents.

Social media are the masters and many collaborators in the company only deal with contacting customers all over the world and answering direct questions from them, who want to know the most disparate information about the company, products, direct and indirect shops that present the collections during the seasons.

3. What advice would you give to those who want to work in this sector?

The question if addressed to an entrepreneur is continuous and indispensable mental change. If the question is addressed to a collaborator who wants to deal with communication, I would suggest having a lot of modesty, even if he has accumulated work experience, each company has news to suggest and make to the product and ways to reach users. What is certain is that, as it was done 3 years ago, it is no longer valid, now everything has to be reviewed… Gino Bartali also said it 40 years ago: “It’s all wrong, everything has to be redone“.

Change is right even if you are wrong as long as you take advantage of the errors themselves.

4. How important is the contribution of young people to a maison like Monnalisa, which dresses an extremely young audience?

The average age of Monnalisa staff in January 2017 is 35 years for 272 collaborators where 63% are women, the data may no longer be accurate after 8 months but, since as chairman I raise the average a lot with my 76 years, the young people who are part of the Monnalisa team are essential to make our products known and sold.

Biological age is certainly important because the best ideas come with the freshness of neurons. I think it is essential to have mental elasticity, the desire to get involved every day and bring ideas to the work group to which you belong, identify with the requests of the end user who for us is the little girl who has to wear the product, but who pays for it is still therefore the parent must “serve” two thoughts, two generations and identify with both… without forgetting “the grandmother” who can be included in the purchase process in the context of some special occasion.

This is the greatest effort of our creative office: to conquer 3 generations.

Monnalisa, a high-end childrenswear company, represents one of the testimonials that will be presented in the Communication Design undergraduate course, scheduled for October.

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