Interview with Stefano Dominella – Maison Gattinoni

Gattinoni Chairman, Unindustria Fashion Section Vice Chairman and Istituto Modartech Scientific Director.

Fashion and the world of digital communication, two fascinating, dynamic and faceted worlds, today more than ever interconnected.

The Fashion System is characterized by extreme speed and constant change and it is precisely this high complexity that emphasizes the crucial role of communication. A communication which must however be “well done” and which needs creative professionals who are at the same time highly competent and specialized.

Let’s discover together the centrality of communication and the most requested professional figures for a worldwide successful brand with the interview with Stefano DominellaGattinoni Couture Chirman, Unindustria Textile Clothing and Fashion Section Vice Chairman, and Istituto Modartech Scientific Director.

Stefano Dominella will be one of the professors of the Communication Design and Fashion Design courses, three-year undergraduate courses in the fashion and communication area.

1. What is your relationship with Modartech?

Istituto Modartech is more than just a school specialized in fashion. It is a place of sensations that arise from the creativity that you breathe through the gate of that imposing post-industrial building, home to the school but also to the beautiful museum of the Fondaione Piaggio. There, in the small town of Pontedera, a treasure is hidden, a part of the history of Italy that has made us famous and loved all over the world.

It is a bit the place of the culture of beauty and well made in Italy. Joining that place, crossing the threshold of that school is like entering creativity, looking at the past but with a futuristic and contemporary awareness.

Each student is a fragment of fantasy to write the pages of a beauty that goes far beyond fashion.

2. Fashion is communication, but what is the relationship between the fashion world and digital world? How can they collaborate?

Communicating fashion is exactly like describing a socio-anthropological cross-section. Fashion, ways, customs, trends are constantly changing in a perpetual motion that perfectly marks our history. It is on the clothed body that we read the history of humanity.

Today the watchword is “speed”. Everything is consumed in a heartbeat, in a few moments and everything can change and go out of fashion and then come back overbearingly. The changes occur spontaneously, the important thing is to keep them always and continuously under control.

3. What are the most searched professions right now? Can the course in Fashion & Communication Design provide any answers?

Product manager, e-commerce manager, fashion country manager, trend researcher, fashion event coordinator, customer relationship manager, retail manager, visual merchandising, social media coordinator. The course can not only provide some answers but can help understand the world of work in this beautiful but complicated sector.

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