Matteo Calandrino wins the prestigious Pitti Tutoring & Consulting 2022 Award

Matteo Calandrino is awarded by Luca Rizzi for his collection DESIGN

Technology becomes Fashion. 3D prints, transformable garments, thermal colors that change according to the heat and light up in the dark. 

The collection by Matteo Calandrino entitled “Design” presents highly innovative characters: among the components of the dresses, sleeves that become bags and scarves that turn into hoods with structures studied in detail, while the textures, contrasting with each other, change according to the heat and are reflective.

Various fabrics were used for the processing of prints and applications, from “Reverse Reflex Camouflage” materials typically used on construction sites to reflective ones with nylon patch applications and three-dimensional prints for the development of accessories.

The award is given to neo-designers who have distinguished themselves in their work for merit and high creative potential, and will give the recent graduate the opportunity to have three meetings with Luca Rizzi, which will see specific themes as the object, useful for their professional career. : from Portfolio Review & Setup to Orientation & Strategy Meetings.