Modartech Alumni- Interview with Alessandro Berrettoni

Interview with the former Istituto Modartech student, today a man clothing designer for Valentino.

I’m Alessandro Berrettoni and I’m 39 years old. After earning a diploma in graphic design, I decided to change course and attend the CAD Apparel Pattern Making Course.

I currently work as a man clothing designer at Valentino.

1. How has the CAD Apparel Pattern Making Course contributed to your training and your career?

Thanks to the CAD Apparel Pattern Making Course at the Istituto Modratech I acquired the basics to start a work as a model maker.

2. Once you graduate how was the first impact with the world of work?

The impact in the world of work was rather difficult. In the company there are no class firsts and it is difficult to calculate contingencies and risks, it is like starting from scratch, but armed with curiosity and humility, we try to take a professionalizing journey.

3. Tell us about your professional experience at Valentino.

I had the chance to work for many brands and now I work at Valentino. I have always specialized in men’s modeling, experimenting with almost all types of goods such as: outerwear, shirts, sportswear, leather and formalwear.

4. What advice do you feel to give to the young people who are entering the modeling career?

The only advice I can give is that of never feeling professionally arrived, one must always be curious and constantly get involved.

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