Modartech Alumni – Interview with Denise Garofalo

From Emporio Armani Uomo to Max Mara, interview with our alumna from the Fashion Design Course

A strong motivation to undertake a profession in the world of fashion is the secret ingredient to attend the Fashion Design Course a 3 year program equivalent to a bachelor’s degree and in line with international university standards, at the end of which each student has the opportunity to get in touch with important fashion brands that invest in emerging young talents every year.

This is the case of Denise Garofalo. Fashion has always been her passion and immediately after her graduation, she started her career in fashion first at Emporio Armani Uomo in Modena and currently as Junior Designer at Persona by Marina Rinaldi, Max Mara Fashion Group.

1. How has the experience of the Undergraduate course in Fashion Design contributed to your training and career?

Istituto Modartech gave me the opportunity to express myself.

During my academic career I had the chance to participate in important creative projects and gain experience directly from the field: from ‘Freudenberg‘ to ‘Vesti il parco archeologico del Colosseo‘ up to taking part to Fashion Graduate Italia with my collection “Live the Moment“.

2. Once you graduated, how was your first impact with the real fashion business?

Thanks to the curricular internship I was able to approach and make myself known by a prestigious fashion company like Giorgio Armani Operation.

I did my training in the product development office at Emporio Armani Uomo in Modena, where I learned a lot by being in contact with extremely competent colleagues.

I’m currently doing another internship as Fashion Designer assistant in the style office at Persona by Marina Rinaldi – Max Mara Fashion Group; I do research, study and design in the denim and accessories area.

I really feel part of the team, supported by other colleagues and I’m always given the chance to express myself.

3. Your dreams for the future?

I would like to be able to establish myself on a professional level and continue to gain experience as a designer; I strongly believe in the motto “never stop learning”.

4. What advice do you feel to give to young people who dream of becoming a Fashion Designer?

Get involved, be curious, take advantage of every opportunity that is offered, commit yourself daily, and believe firmly in what you do.

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