A young and successful entrepreneur in the world of communication, a Modartech former student.

A Communication School is valid if it provides its students with the right tools to be attractive in the world of work. Talent and creativity are indispensable elements but if not cultivated and conveyed adjustments towards an ad hoc path, they do not allow to enter the market.

Word to Federico Luci, young and successful entrepreneur in the world of communication, former student of Istituto Modartech.

1. Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Federico Luci, I am 26 years old and I am the owner of Tag Communication, marketing and communication agency in Cascina, Pisa. The agency is based within the Studio La Noce Architecture Associate and is the result of a collaboration between us and our mutual partners.

In fact, together with Studio La Noce, in addition to being their curator and internal communication laboratory, we offer design, construction and supply of exhibition stands, organization of cultural artistic events and redevelopment of urban, private, corporate and hospitality environments.

In addition to Studio La Noce, we boast as a collaborator and logistic partner, Duologica Srl, a company operating in the logistics and distribution sector.

Together with it we manage D-Lab, a photographic, marketing and communication laboratory and logistics management for e-commerce platforms, occupying the 360° online sales sector and through which we offer a complete and inclusive service of all the steps necessary to program, design and manage a functional, professional and effective online sales platform.

2. What led you to Istituto Modartech and why did you choose it?

After graduating, I took the entrance test at the University of Florence, architecture as my father’s business. However, the approach that has not been successful has led me to have a different vision regarding my future.

This reflection of mine has made me approach the business and managerial world, with a strong interest in marketing, a real passion, inspired by a sense of admiration for this world.

Last factor, but not least, was my older sister, who was working for companies active in the fashion, clothing and accessories sector, as well as being employed in what were her duties related to professional training, personal inclination and baggage experience acquired over the years, was employed in what were the first approaches of Social Media Manager, through the management of company pages and the creation of photographic services.

Sensing that I had not yet found what could make me feel fulfilled in what I was dedicating myself, I stopped to reflect arriving at the following conclusion: communication agency.

In order to work, in order to even try to undertake something that would approach a communication agency, able to offer services in order to support companies and activities, to know the sector, the problems it presents and the means to to overcome them, I had to acquire training.

Thus began my research and analysis of what the different training institutes are, research that led me to choose Istituto Modartech, a choice that I would absolutely and continually repeat.

3. What advice would you give to anyone who wants to pursue a career like yours?

Now it is no longer as it once was, everyone needs a solid communication line, a clean fresh and modern brand, a coordinated image, well-kept photographic material, an updated web showcase accompanied by effective SEO development and programmatic social management networks.

There are still those who believe they can take care of their communication directly, but let’s always remember everyone’s job, therefore, even when it seems difficult, there will also be those who recognize the commercial value of a communication project and the importance of relying on a professional.

An activity without communication can no longer live, therefore it is an expanding, modern sector with more and more competitors, but they must not be seen as competitors, but as collaborators, with whom they can need support and work exchange.

I always say to my collaborators, “there are many colleagues, we try to be better and if this does not help us to have new jobs, it will help our customers to have some more chance“.

Federico has undertaken a career in the world of communication with great success; We at Istituto Modartech wish him our best in good luck so that his profession is always full of great satisfactions.

For more information on the communication area of Istituto Modartech, please visit the undergraduate Communication Design Course or send an email to orientamento@modartech.com