A career in the fashion system is the dream of many young people. A world of trends, glamor, catwalks… but also a lot of commitment, dedication and study.

Working in the world of fashion… easy to say, but where do you start?
Let’s find out with Sara Piangatelli, a former student of the Fashion Design course who talks about her experience.

1. Who are you and what do you do?

I’m Sara Piangatelli and I’m 24 years old. I started to work on fabrics, to create small garments, and over time I realized that I could not devote myself to anything else in life. I like to touch the materials I work with, to be able to bring out the best features. When I find a new fabric I like to feel the sensations that it transmits and I imagine what could be its best lines or what new textures I could get from it.

FINEpupae, my graduation collection coming back from the Fashion Graduate Italia fashion shows, is based precisely on the processing of heterogeneous fabrics through different techniques, all rigorously handmade.

I am currently doing an internship in the Valentino labs, where I can work on the brand’s prét-à-porter line. There I am growing a lot and I try in every way to learn all the secrets of the trade.

2. What led you to Istituto Modartech and why did you choose it?

At the time of undertaking a professional training, I decided to opt for a course that would take me to more types of courses, even though my dedication to creating the fashion product was already strong, so I started the Three-year Course in Fashion Design.

Every profession in the fashion system is directly linked to the others, so having a general overview of the whole process is very important and I can say that for me Modartech was a great opportunity for growth!

3. What advice would you give to those who want to pursue a career like yours?

What would you recommend to those who want to start a journey in the fashion world ?! Passion, it will be the only thing to stay with you in the most grueling moments of work, sacrifice, and flexibility, sometimes difficult to maintain, but it can help to find new stimuli in tests not exactly belonging to our comfort zone.

Sara’s career in the fashion system has just begun, but we are sure it will be a long road full of satisfactions and we at Istituto Modartech wish her our best wishes for a life full of achievements and satisfactions.

For more information on Fashion Design Course starting in October consult the course sheet or send an email to info@modartech.com