Modartech with Nicola Setaro protagonist in Rome with Achille Lauro

Awarded in the “Les Enfants Terribles” project, directed by the singer and style icon for the new generations.

An honor to have participated in Forces of Fashion, an exclusive Vogue event for the first time in Italy (21 October, Ex-Mattatoio Roma), for the presentation of “Les Enfants Terribles“, immersive experience of the first fashion show created entirely by future designers of the fashion schools associated with the ETS Fashion Training System Platform.

The selected students were the protagonists of a unique artistic project under the creative direction of Achille Lauro, Nick Cerioni and Mirta, digital showroom which connects independent designers with international sellers, in collaboration with Golden Goose. Required objective: the creation of a pair of tailored suits revisited in a rock style.

Among the 58 finalist designers, two Modartech talents participated: Sara Giannini with “Tempo Perso“, a collection that it tells of the frenzy of our era in a desperate race against time, with vintage looks where the classic pinstripe is enriched with symbolic decorations and accessories; Nicola Setaro who proposed an extension of his capsule “Le miroir couture“, with outfits representative of existential discomfort.

A collection made up of garments characterized by the contrast between tailoring and 3D works, where the armor on the skin protects the man, but at the same time becomes a cage of the soul and the red beetle stands as a symbol defense of nature desecrated by man, and it is precisely thanks to these creations that the young designer was awarded among the winners of the initiative.

The “Les Enfants Terribles” project has set itself the ambition of supporting the new generations of designers and facilitating their connection with the fashion industry and market: the winners’ garments will in fact visible and available for purchase on the Mirta website (https://les-enfants, helping to bring international visibility to young designers.

The project was presented during the ninth edition of Fashion Graduate Italia (24-26 October, BASE Milan) where Achille Lauro was the protagonist of the in-depth talk “Fashion ahead: the future of creativity” on the evolution of the fashion sector, in a conversation with Nick Cerioni and Martina Capriotti, co-founder Mirta. At Base Milano, the creations awarded in the “Les Enfants Terribles” project were on display.

I am very happy to participate in the first day of the Fashion Graduate event. Months ago we silently began working with Piattaforma Sistema Formativo Moda ETS for a unique project, entirely dedicated to the young designers of the future. Being able to share this enriching experience, which has produced a collection of garments under the creative direction of myself, Mirta and Nick Cerioni and entirely created by the students, on this occasion will be an inspiration for us and for those who listen to us. We had the great opportunity to glimpse the future of fashion and it will be incredible to be able to talk about it together with nss magazine and the other speakers at the event.
Achille Lauro

There are many small and medium-sized businesses that we host on Mirta: some focused on artisanal production, others on design innovation, and we perceive every day the centrality and importance of these two values – innovation and tradition. We found these same values in the Fashion Graduate Italia project which is skilled in building a bridge between the world of schools and that of work, above all bringing to the table the connection between past and future.
Martina Capriotti, Co-founder and CEO of Mirta

Returning to Fashion Graduate Italia after my speech last year is a great honor for me. ETS Fashion Training System Platform is an important reality for the future of the fashion sector and consequently for the economy of our country: preparing new generations of professionals who will become the new players of the system is both a job of great precision and creativity. Being on this stage with Achille Lauro and Martina Capriotti of Mirta is a great opportunity for us to share the creative and technical process that has made us unique, each in our own way, in our fields.
Nick Cerioni, Stylist and Creative Director

For more information on the Three-year Undergraduate Course in Fashion Design send an email at or contact us directly at 0587 58458.

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