From the Fashion Design course to international contests

The collections of two students selected by Milano Moda Graduate and London's Graduate Fashion Week.

Two students of the 3-year Undergraduate Course in Fashion Design have been selected for participation in Milano Moda Graduate 2020, the event dedicated to fashion and the search for new emerging talents promoted by the Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana.

The Milan catwalk sees the final collections of the two Graduate Giulia Barbieri for the Fashion Design section and Serena Carpita for the special section YKK Italia, main partner of the event.

The collections are the result of the three-year course in Fashion Design that issues the First Level Academic Diploma, equivalent to the Short Degree, they were previewed on the instagram channel of @istitutomodartech at the Digital Fashion Show | The Values, the first digital event of an academic institution.

The attention to the themes of cultural plurality and integration are reflected on the garments of the Giulia Barbieri collection, “Look Over“.

The creative proposals that are inspired by the Harlem of the ‘900, where jazz, blues were born, and where the first artists and writers of color emerge during the era of prohibition and speakeasy.

A collection that winks at the environment and craftsmanship with garments entirely handmade in knitwear and crochet with an unmistakable style.

The Giulia Barbieri collection has hit the mark also winning an international recognition with the participation in the final selection of the contest launched by the Graduate Fashion Week in London for the Innovation Award section | Product.

Chimney Sweep Shout” is the Serena Carpita collection that takes you back to the years of the first industrial revolution during which William Blake denounced the conditions of chimney sweep children and the exploitation of nature by man.

Ethics, respect for nature and social responsibility are the themes that communicate the creative proposals made.

The meticulous choice of fabrics and processes is the flagship of the outfits that speak of craftsmanship and sustainability: such as hemp and bamboo elements, hand-needlepunched wool, Massese and alpaca sheep fiber and sustainable colors in a constant play of contrasts between shapes and fabrics.

Within Milano Moda Graduate for the YKK category a special garment will be made embellished with the accessories of the Japanese company.

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