Interview with Costante Torcini

From the Fashion Design course to the experience as a fashion journalist during Milano Fashion Week.

Communicating fashion is a task for true professionals and requires extensive training in the fashion area combined with skills related to communication. The Fashion Design Course, with the release of the First Level Academic Diploma – Bachelor’s Degree, allows you to acquire technical and creative skills in fashion design with particular attention to communication in the fashion field.
Artistic sensitivity, intuition for new trends and communicative flair are part of the personality of our student Costante Torcini, involved in the role of fashion reporter for Fashion News Magazine during Milano Fashion Week .
Today he tells us the background of one of the most sought-after professions in the fashion system.

My name is Costante Torcini, I am 24 and I live in Pontedera. I am an avid reader and have always been fascinated by art, music and cinema. At the moment I am having a professional experience in the editorial office of Fashion News Magazine.

1. Why did you choose Istituto Modartech and where did your passion for fashion come from?

I studied at the Liceo Classico and I absolutely did not expect to undertake such a path.
One day I watched my sister Emilia tackle a pink crepe dress and I was literally mesmerized by the movements of the needle and the beauty of the fabric.
My mother, who used to sew since she was a child, proposed me to attend a tailoring course: she has always said that such a profession gives great independence and that it never goes out of style. At first I was skeptical: but as soon as I tried to sew, it was love at first sight.

I realized that I needed to learn more in depth how to develop a collection: from researching to choosing colors and materials to fully understanding the world of the fashion industry, which is why I chose to undertake my studies at Istituto Modartech.
Now I consider myself independent, I can develop an entire collection without problems and I understand that creativity and dexterity are an invaluable combination.



2. Your final collection “The Fisher King” is based on the analysis, research and in-depth study on the history of costume. Tell us about your inspirations and your fashion vision.

I believe that you cannot be a stylist without having a broad cultural background.
Art is the lifeblood for creating new languages.
The inspiration for my clothes was born from the search for the Grail as a great allegory of our times: the Coronavirus forced us to rediscover a more authentic, more human dimension, slower, in a great mental pilgrimage.

The thirteenth century was my ideal model to rediscover this new sensitivity. In this period, Italian craftsmanship and the figure of the tailor who had to dress capricious aristocrats were born, Asian silks and English wools were imported into the Tuscan municipalities, new colors were used and silk embroidery was made on velvet tapestries. In its own way, it is a love letter to the Made in Italy.

My collection is an imaginary, personal and metaphysical Middle Ages.
The shapes, embroideries and printed Pre-Raphaelite motifs have been reworked to my taste: I created a tailored, mature and definitive men’s skirt, inspired by the medieval garnish.
It was a pretext to propose a new style in fashion, a language that combined simplicity, elegance and practicality in a combination that I called soft minimalism.

3. What is it like to write for a Fashion Magazine, on the occasion of such an important event as the Milano Fashion Week?

The experience in the editorial board of Fashion News Magazine helped me to observe an event like the Fashion Week with a more lucid and critical eye. I took care of analyzing trends on the catwalk in order to propose them to the general public. It is a very stimulating sensation, because I felt immersed in the sector as an active member capable of influencing the tastes of the masses.

4. How was the experience in Fashion News Magazine? Do you like writing for the fashion industry?

Attending the Liceo Classico has led me to have a more casual approach to writing. I can write fast on anything.

In the case of special events, such as the Fashion Week, I had to analyze the catwalks, study the main trends and elaborate them. A demanding task in which the challenge is to be as quick as possible to get the interest of the topic.

I also have the opportunity to write about a topic of choice, as long as it gets approval from the editorial staff.
I am finding it very inspirational to work in a team and I am acquiring more insights into writing and layout techniques, discovering aspects related to the publishing world.

Modartech Graduate collection 2019 al Fashion Show Futur Is

5. What is your dream after your experience at Istituto Modartech?

While I am doing the internship and preparing the thesis, I am training as a tailor with a master in the shop. The biggest goal is to create my own brand, whose values include craftsmanship and artistic sensibility for a refined and metropolitan elegance. In this case I would very much like to sew my models by myself according to ancient traditions, have complete control over the work, shape the fabric and study the silhouette like Cristobal Balenciaga, one of my myths.

For more information on the three-year Fashion Design course with the release of an Academic Diploma of First Level – Bachelor’s Degree, send an email to or contact us directly on 0587 58458.

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