interview with Gianmarco Lupi

From the three-year course in Fashion Design to the men's style office of the Loro Piana maison.

From Fashion Design course , with release of the First Level Academic Diploma – Bachelor’s Degree, a cutting-edge cultural, artistic and specialist training, acquiring methodology and planning, to then reach the world of work in the great fashion houses.
The history of Gianmarco Lupi is an example of a successful career in the world of Fashion Design.


My name is Gianmarco, I’m 24 and I live in Milan. I attended the three-year course of Fashion Design at the Modartech Institute. This course allowed me to do my dream job in the fashion world, which is to transform my ideas into clothing and accessories. I currently work in the Men’s Style Office at Loro Piana in Milan.

1. Why did you choose the Istituto Modartech?

I chose the course to attend the Istituto Modartech because it offers a complete Fashion Design course not only based on design but also on modeling, tailoring and the study of fabrics, allowing me to independently develop a collection from start to finish.
In addition, the permanent job placement service followed me even at the end of my studies, helping me to find further job opportunities.

2. How the experience of the Fashion Design course has contributed to your training and your path professional?

The Fashion Design course allowed me to broaden my knowledge by providing me with all the tools necessary to develop a collection: from the search for ideas, to manual drawing, up to the development of patterns and the making of a garment.

I started the course only with a lot of passion, but without the necessary skills and I finished it with a wide range of skills, which I will certainly deepen in my career.

3. How was the first impact with the world of work outside the Institute, what experiences did you face once you graduated (Peuterey .. etc)?

My first impact with the world of work was more than positive; one month after the Fashion Show I started the internship at Peuterey in the men’s style office, where I designed the total look from the accessory to the down jacket. I immediately felt at ease due to the great availability of the company and up to the tasks I was carrying out thanks to my knowledge acquired during the course.
I currently work as a Fashion Designer in the Men’s Style Office at Loro Piana , an internationally recognized company.

4. Tell us about your professional experience at Loro Piana: what role do you play and what are your daily activities ?

My work as a Fashion Designer at Loro Piana is very inspiring. To develop a collection we start from the creation of the moodboard, we look for the most suitable fabrics being a leader in this field, we create the technical drawings and I follow all the phases that lead to the creation of a garment of patterns and prototypes. In doing so, I not only design the various looks, but I also follow the entire process that leads to the creation of a garment.
The part I like most about this work is seeing one of my designs made and thinking that someone will be able to wear it in the future; it’s a satisfaction.

5. What advice would you like to give to young people who are entering a career as a fashion designer? And what’s the best lesson you’ve learned working at Loro Piana?

Fashion is a tough environment, but it’s certainly one of the most exciting there is. It’s not just about having the technique or the specific skills, you need a lot of passion and determination.
You always have to want to learn new things, have an open mind, treasure all the advice we are given and then create your own personal vision.
The most important thing I’ve learned from Loro Piana is to be willing to listen to those who have more experience than you and not be discouraged by the problems that may arise, but look for a way to deal with them, because in the end, using creativity we can find a solution to everything!

Modartech Graduate collection 2019 al Fashion Show Futur Is

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