Interview with Giulia Barbieri

The student of the Fashion Design course who conquered Milan Fashion Week and today works in the Etro maison.

The student of the Fashion Design course who conquered Milan Fashion Week and today works in the Etro maison.

The story of our alumna Giulia Barbieri is an inspiration for those who are entering the creative disciplines and dream of working in the world of fashion. Curiosity, passion and talent have accompanied her along the course of study of the Three-year Undergraduate Course in Fashion Design during which she has always distinguished herself for the search for new trends by placing at the center of her creations themes related to cultural plurality, sustainability and to craftsmanship. With her “Look Over” collection she was selected at the international Graduate Fashion Week contest in London and literally conquered Milan Fashion Week by winning the sixth edition of Milano Moda Graduate, the Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana event and graduated with 110 cum laude

My name is Giulia Barbieri, I am 24 years old and I am from Pontedera, a town in the heart of Tuscany. In high school I studied human sciences then I traveled extensively visiting Europe to learn the English language. On my return I was sure I wanted to study design but I didn’t know which sector to apply to, so I started my research. When I visited the Istituto Modartech I realized that I wanted to study fashion: I was immediately fascinated by the garments made, the large tables to create models, the workshops and the whole surrounding atmosphere.


1. Once you have graduated, what prompted you to choose Istituto Modartech?

I chose to study at the Modartech Institute for two fundamental reasons: it was an institute that was starting to get noticed among the fashion schools, the classes had a limited number of students, I particularly liked this aspect because it allows you to be followed step by step step by step and to establish a professional and human relationship between student and professionals.

The second reason is that being in a small reality compared to many others, not being in a big city but in a town in the heart of Tuscany, it did not seem conventional to me, it is as if it were the outsider of fashion schools.

I felt strong about this characteristic because it is as if a student felt compelled to give his best to let his professionalism blossom.

2.How was your first impact with the world of work after attending the course?

It was anything but what I expected: I thought I felt like I was in The Devil Wears Prada or in 1994’s Pret a Porter.

But I realized that the only thing those films and the world of work have in common is frenzy, speed and unpredictability.

At first I felt disoriented and confused. After a few weeks I got used to it and I too was suddenly overwhelmed by the projects and tasks to be performed and I realized that I really liked that sense of movement in the air that leads you to do more and more.


3. Tell us about your professional experience at Etro.

I started working in the Etro maison in Milan from October 2020, once I finished the three-year course of study in Fashion Design, a course with the release of a First Level academic diploma, equivalent to the Short Degree.

Within the company I deal with research and innovation of materials and development of collections of the men’s line, sportswear, leather, denim, trousers and beachwear categories.

I carry out many different activities: I research materials, processes, new technologies for the development of fabrics and I choose the new materials that will be applied to the next fashion collection.

My work is stimulating because it allows me to interface with suppliers, travel and take care of all the combinations that are part of an item of clothing. Among the most operational activities: I develop the prototypes, defect, I screen the samples, I move on to production and in parallel I also take care of the collection for the fashion show.

There are many tasks I carry out every day, which is why I had to be smart right from the start in order to be able to carry out many activities.

4. What advice do you feel you can give to young people who are starting a career as a fashion designer? And what’s the best lesson you’ve learned working at Etro?

Listen, listen to yourselves, learn, be curious, get involved, don’t stop at the first idea, go further, study, it is from knowledge and research that the best ideas are born.

Often you will not be appreciated and you will not appreciate yourself, you will often question everything and wonder why I am doing it, that is where you have to push. And above all have fun.

Humility, sincerity and the ability to be flexible despite the amount of work are the characteristics that are most appreciated when you work at a fast pace in large fashion companies.


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