interview with Martina De Mitri

From the three-year course in Communication Design to professional experience as a graphic designer for the Quattrolinee communication agency.

Talent, curiosity, passion for art and in the drawer the dream of working in the world of communication.
The history of alumna Martina De Mitri begins with the three-year course inCommunication Design, academic course for obtaining the First Level Academic Diploma – Bachelor’s Degree.

During her studies she has always stood out for her artistic and communicative sensitivity, her passion for graphics and photography, attention to detail and taste for the image, applying the skills learned to personal projects day after day and project work. The result? The creation of a portfolio that has hit the mark for recruiters looking for professionals in the field of communication.

His dream has come true and today he has the opportunity to get involved as a graphic designer for the prestigious Turin communication agency Quattrolinee which counts in his portfolio clients such as Lavazza, Eataly, Triennale di Milano, Clementoni and Pininfarina Architectures.


My name is Martina, I am 22 years old and I come from Luni, in the province of La Spezia.
I previously attended the Technical Institute for tourism in Sarzana and I am finishing my three-year course in Communication Design at the Institute Modartech.

Since I was a child I have always loved drawing and, given my shyness, I have often tried to express myself in an alternative way without having to resort to words with images and drawings.

So I started experimenting as a self-taught graphic design software and from there my passion for the world of art and communication began and it grew more and more. For this reason I wanted these two passions to become the foundations for my future working.

Currently, after completing my three-year course of study in Communication Design, I am pursuing a professional experience as a Graphic Designer at the communication agency Quattrolinee in Turin.

1. How has the experience of the Post Diploma course in Communication Design contributed to your training and career path?

When I came out of high school, I realized that I wanted to pursue a more artistic path of study, but not having solid knowledge given the very different school background, I wasn’t sure I was able to.

The Modartech Institute was instrumental in launching me. Modartech’s training offer includes three-year and annual Post-Diploma Courses. I therefore decided to start my journey with the annual course of Web & Graphic Design.

After that first year I was very satisfied and I decided to continue with the three-year course in Communication Design to learn more detailed and in-depth concepts. The course program provides theoretical notions but above all it really teaches us in practice how to do our job.

2. How was the first impact with the world of work outside the Institute?

The Communication Design course, in addition to giving me a complete training on the main communication disciplines, put me in close contact with the other players in the sector and this interdisciplinary contamination has favored my personal and professional growth.

The laboratories, exhibitions, workshops and activities carried out over the years and the direct contact with the companies and partners with which the institute collaborates, have ensured that I could enter the world of work ready and determined, with the ability to tackle different projects, each with its own peculiarities: from brand identity design , to advertising campaigns, from social strategies, to the creation of commercials using marketing techniques, video editing, visuals and graphics.


3. Tell us about your professional experience in the Quattrolinee communication agency: what are the daily activities and projects carried out?

Quattrolinee is one of the most relevant communication agencies in the Turin scenario. From day one I was welcomed as part of the team. The management of the company immediately placed a lot of trust in me, entrusting me with important projects to be carried out also independently. I have collaborated with colleagues who play different roles: from the communications department to the web development and architecture department.

Dialogue and the exchange of ideas was fundamental to complete the tasks and in these moments of confrontation my creative processes have always been welcomed by the staff despite being my first experience in a great reality. There have been occasions in which I have interfaced directly with the customer and the satisfaction of seeing my chosen proposals.


4. What advice would you like to give to young people who are entering the career of Communication Designer? And what is the best lesson you have learned working in the Quattrolinee communication agency?

My advice for young people who want to undertake this type of path is to always
be themselves and love every single step that this type of work entails. From the search for shapes and colors, to the choice of fonts and papers up to the telling of a story.

Each component is fundamental: nothing must be left to chance, but it must be the synthesis of our more or less profound thought that can speak directly and indirectly to people. Today it is increasingly difficult to invent something from scratch, the difference can really be made by putting that part of us and of our essence in every project so as to make it unique and inimitable.

Always be open to seeing various perspectives, to empathize with those in front of you. Be hungry for knowledge and travel. Focus on the details. Be curious observers and protagonists of experiences.

The best lesson I’ve learned working at Quattrolinee is that you should never sit back and stop getting information. We must always stay tuned to promptly intercept new stimuli and therefore be skilled and versatile in welcoming the new trends that in a sector like this really change overnight.

5. Would you like to work in a communication agency or do you have other dreams in the drawer?

I believe that in a job like this, synergy and constant comparison with other people is essential and that is why I would love to work in a communication agency as a starting point. That is my dream. to be able to become Art Director.

For more information on the three-year course of Communication Design which issues the First Academic Diploma Level, qualification equivalent to the Bachelor’s Degree, send an email to or contact us directly at 0587 58458.


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