interview with Sara Vannucchi

From student of Fashion Design to professional experience in the Alberta Ferretti Maison.

From student of Fashion Design to professional experience in the Alberta Ferretti Maison.

Imagining the future of fashion and taking part in it is the dream of many students who attend Istituto Modartech.
A school that has become educational excellence in the field of creative disciplines, universe of connections between companies and students and a breeding ground for new talents.

Sara Vannucchi is one of them. Student of the Undergraduate Course in Fashion Design, she stood out over the years for her creativity, for the attention to techniques and for her unconventional vision of fashion. Her creations have walked the international catwalk of Fashion Graduate Italia 2021 and her vision of fashion, combined with academic preparation, caught the eye of talent scouts and recruiters.
Today she works in the maison of Alberta Ferretti and tells us firsthand the stages of her academic and professional career.

I am Sara Vannucchi, I’m 21 and I live in Carrara.
I started a training course at the scientific high school, but once I graduated I realized that fashion was my way.
To the question “What do you want to do when you grow up?” I always replied “the stylist”.

My vision of art takes inspiration from my life.
In everyday life I look for beauty, what not everyone knows how to appreciate, which at first sight is not striking and which is not given importance, anything that causes emotions. The important thing is that it leaves an imprint on the human mind.
Thanks to fashion I try to provoke change, doubts and questions in people.

1. When did you decide to enroll at Istituto Modartech to start your career in the fashion world?

Once I graduated I reviewed many Italian fashion institutes.
Modartech struck me because it was not in a big city, but in a town in the heart of Tuscany, Pontedera. When I enquired, I discovered that it was in a strategic location within the Italian fashion districts, including the areas of​​ leather goods, footwear and clothing.
I signed up for the Open Day and it was a dream.
I will never forget the emotions I felt that day, it all seemed too good to be true.


2. What is your best memory at Istituto Modartech?

The three years of the Fashion Design Course were all marked by wonderful moments, but the most significant event was the Talent Lab.

It was an incredible experience, one of the best moments of my life.
I set up a stand entirely dedicated to my history and my collection. Seeing companies, professionals and talent scouts passing and stopping to observe my creations was a great personal and professional satisfaction.
Equally beautiful was the party organized in the evening, a moment of informal discussion with professors and classmates even outside the academic environment that allowed us to be able to bond and chat in a more relaxed and conversational atmosphere.

3. How the experience of the Fashion Design course has contributed to your training and career path?

It seems incredible to me that three years have already passed. I have finished my studies and I’m going to graduate. I made my own collection which bears my name and paraded in Milan at Fashion Graduate Italia.
It feels like only yesterday that we all met in front of the entrance door of the Institute. Today I am a very different person from the one who wore that suede jacket on “first day of school”.

I have grown a lot and learned a lot of things. After only three years of studies, I created my own collection, joined a network of companies and today I work for Alberta Ferretti. This is all unbelievable. I remember when students presented their collections for the final year, I admired them thinking I was unable to do such a thing and instead I did.
I am grateful to Istituto Modartech, because it taught me a lot and helped me become the person and professional I am today.

4. Tell us about your professional experience in Alberta Ferretti: what role do you play, what are your daily activities?

I am currently carrying out an internship in the Alberta Ferretti maison.
The area I’m working in is that of the Product Office which “acts as an intermediary” between the Style Office and the production of the clothes.
Everything that will make up the garment is decided here, such as fabrics, accessories or materials. The office also deals with the items that are made externally to the company such as leather or denim. Right now I work alongside my colleagues and I find myself carrying out very different tasks: from research to the analysis of materials together with experts in the fashion sector.
These are days of pure excitement in the company. Our whole team is very busy following all the stages that make up the sample test for the next upcoming Pre-collection.

Sara Vannucchi

5. What are your goals for the future?

I would like to be able to create my own brand.
But first I need to acquire a lot of experience in the company. I would like, at least at the beginning of my career, to learn both from important and established brands and from niche companies to have the opportunity to see and experience different realities, getting inspiration for new creations that can inspire change and interest.

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