Interview with Virginia Pedrini

Interview with Virginia Pedrini, a true volcano of ideas, with a passion for design, art, but above all sketching on paper.

Interview with Virginia Pedrini, young creative and student of the Communication Design course at the Modartech Institute.

Young, creative and curious, Virginia is a real volcano of ideas. She likes design, art, but above all sketching on paper. It is from there that every creative project of hers starts.

1. What is your first approach to a creative project?

The key word is flow. After focusing the objective, the journey begins, a journey that sees me sitting, lying, on the ground, it doesn’t matter, but always in front of a piece of paper and with a pencil in my hand.

I write down everything that comes to mind regarding the objective, even digressing, because I am extremely convinced that “one thing leads to another” and by following the mental lines that follow each other, interesting things can come out.

After this first essential process there is the choice and the consequent labor limae, then the actual execution until the final result is reached.

2. Internship at the Uffizi: role and daily activities

Here at the Uffizi I play the role of Social Media Content Creator, I manage and create content for the museum’s TikTok profile. The daily challenge is to keep up to date with current trends and find a way to ride the wave by creating content that can communicate the identity of the Galleries.

So I spend most of my time doing research, then I shoot and edit the videos, which are reviewed by the director, who approves or disapproves the work. To do this, in addition to the technical background that Modartech provided me, creativity and passion for art are fundamental, which helped me in the production of videos relating to the works in the collection.

3. Regarding this new experience, tell us the difficulties you encounter and what comes naturally to you instead.

When entering an internationally prestigious reality like that of the Uffizi, the difficulty is certainly that of entering the mechanism of this great machine. Things don’t always go as expected and theoretical methods are often bypassed by more practical methods.

Every day there is one, as they say, and between meetings, new exhibitions, installations and presentations I have also enriched my personal cultural baggage, a suitcase that I am fond of and that I try to fill every day with stimuli always new, as well as a fundamental element for my work.

A unique opportunity, for which I am particularly grateful, is being able to freely wander around the rooms of the museum, especially during the closing day, in search of inspiration for videos, something I would never have thought of be able to do.

4. How was your first impact with the world of work?

I was super excited, I couldn’t wait, I had already had other experiences in the field, but setting foot in a reality like that of the Uffizi was certainly something else, especially because in this experience my work and the my passion: communication and art, something that I would like to maintain and develop further in the future.

5. After graduation, why did you choose Modartech?

After graduating I went in search of my own path, it wasn’t immediate but by correcting my aim and centering myself a little (as much as that is possible at this age) I got to this point.

Basically I discovered Modartech thanks to a dear friend of mine, he was the one who told me “why don’t you try communication? I think you’re good at it” and my answer was “why not”.

Having attended linguistic high school, I didn’t have a background in line with graphics and everything related to communication design, so I literally took the plunge with my eyes closed, a risk I don’t regret, on the contrary.

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