The future of Fashion

Interview with Sara Maino, Deputy Director of Vogue Italia and Head of Vogue Talents.

As part of the training program of Three-year course in Fashion Design, young designers have the opportunity to learn from the best professionals in the sector thanks to special lessons, workshops and laboratories. Like the one held by Sara Sozzani Maino, one of the reference figures for the support of the new generation of creatives. Always on the hunt for new emerging talents, she is Deputy Director of Vogue Italy, Brand Ambassador of the Camera Nazionale della Moda and Head of Vogue Talents, a project of Vogue Italia born in 2009 to research and promote the best emerging creative talents in the fashion field.
Who better than her can inspire young designers?

1. When did your career in the fashion world start?

My journey in the fashion system began very early, during the golden period of fashion in Italy. Right from the start I had the opportunity to work side by side as an assistant stylist for the fashion icons Anna Dello Russo and Alice Gentilucci.
I have also always been fascinated by working with great photographers who have inspired me throughout my career and today I can say that I immensely love my work.

2. Fashion and sustainability: what do you think?

In recent years, the concept of sustainability and responsibility in the fashion world have become central topics. The world has changed and fashion increasingly seeks to be sustainable, not only in terms of environmental impact, but also through the production chain: from the creation of materials to the marketing, promoting second-hand.

3. The characteristics of a portfolio that hits the mark?

The creative vision of the person, the passion they cultivate and their abilities must be clear.
In the portfolio, the story of one’s training and professional path is also appreciated, which is why I often tell young people that gaining experience in the academy and in the company is essential both on a professional and human level, because you have the opportunity to deepen and focus on what you really want to do.

4. How can a young designer become innovative?

Innovation in fashion is not linked only to technology or to producing aesthetically beautiful creations: the whole concept has its roots in the intrinsic value of what is created, in the message you want to convey, in communicating it to the target, using a strong and effective storytelling. The brilliant idea is no longer enough: there must be a profound message at the base so that there is innovation on a cultural, stylistic and communication level.

5. What are the values that strike you during a fashion contest?

I am always struck by the personal experience of stylists who propose their collection, the deepest, embryonic meanings. I am convinced that a person’s personal baggage is the most precious asset one has. Our roots always remind us of who we are and also allow us to know what kind of path to take in life. Experiences and feelings influence our DNA and make us who we are.

6. What do you expect from so many emerging young people?

I expect them to be bold, not afraid of the judgment of others, not stopping in front of new challenges, but facing them in a courageous and curious way.

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