Interview with Guillermo Mariotto, creative director of the Maison Gattinoni and famous TV personality.

They often talk about him for his elegance and his verve. Guillermo Mariotto, creative director of Maison Gattinoni and famous personality of Italian television, has an encyclopedic knowledge of the universe of fashion and made in Italy, of which he is one of the greatest testimonials. An assiduous frequenter of Istituto Modartech, where he brought his know-how by telling to our students decades of work and passion, today he answers some questions about the fashion of the present and the future.

1. Fashion moves to the rhythm of new technologies: how important they are for the designers of tomorrow?

Fashion, from the etymology of the word itself, must be in continuous motion and that is projected into the future, without ever losing sight of the past understood as a cultural root, like Heritage. This is why new technologies are very important for the designers of tomorrow but also, and above all, for those of today.

The intelligence of technology and the knowledge of craftsmanship create an invincible union called Made in Italy.

2. How important is it to have a good online reputation for young designers? Is a well-made Instagram page worth more than a thousand windows?

Today we are witnessing a real revolution, which takes place through the web and in particular in social channels. Instagram above all.

Communication must always be taken care of because fashion is above all communication and image.The rule applies to everyone, not just to young designers.

A good online reputation through the care of your own Instagram page is essential. I don’t know if it is worth more than a thousand windows, surely the most loved social of the moment is the most important of the windows because under the eyes of the whole world.

3. To be successful in fashion: better to have the dexterity and accuracy of an excellent tailor or the ideas and the ability to communicate of a good creative?

To be successful in fashion you need to have accuracy, dexterity, ability to communicate, creativity, and above all curiosity, humility and sacrifice.

4. Can you be chic even without a high fashion dress? What are the ingredients of elegance?

Of course you can be chic without a Haute Couture dress, even if the latter helps. The important thing is to always be yourself, not following the dictates of fashion but creating your own. These are the ingredients of elegance.

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