Winners of the MM International Award competition

Fashion Design Award - Gold Prize to Letizia Alosa and Special Mention - Best Sustainable to Giuditta Rossi.

It is an annual project by MM Company, a creative consultancy agency, launched in 2017 to promote the most promising talents and brands in the field of fashion, product and interior design and nurture a community of creative talents from all over the world, recognizing its merit and promoting its connection with operators, media and companies. Different categories of participants, from students, to professionals, to companies, rewarding projects that stand out for research and innovation in materials, production processes and aesthetic research, with creativity representing the key element of each project.

Letizia Alosa and her collection “Lost Connections”

Letizia Alosa wins the MM International Award, in the Gold Prize student category, an award that places her among the most promising talents in fashion. Merit of her collection called “Lost Connections”, entirely shaped with respect for the planet and people: all the raw material comes from damaged rolls and second-hand markets, which deal with humanitarian projects.

Letizia’s project takes inspiration from the frenetic life that leads people to alienate themselves from the intrinsic values of man: verbal communication and connection with nature.

Many studies affirm how important it is to re-establish these two values as a cure for anxiety through dialogue and cooperation. Caring is sharing. This message takes shape through the reconstruction of new links between fabrics, a careful choice of textile raw materials and the representation of hand-made weaves and embroideries.

The cool wool and cotton garments and accessories speak of recycling and sustainability thanks to a patchwork of zero-waste fabrics and warehouse waste.

The result is a collection that evokes the deep bond between man and nature with distinctive details including delicate colors, thread embroidery and raw fabrics. The garments are embellished with handmade buttons made with dried flowers. The modeling aspect was taken care of, with the intention of minimizing the waste of fabrics and enhancing the already existing structures.

Giuditta Rossi and her collection “Esci dalla Comfort Zone”

Giuditta Rossi received the Special Mention “Best Sustainable is” award with her collection “Esci dalla Comfort Zone“, which focuses on man’s desire for change beyond the limits imposed by society, a contrast between freedom and express constraint through the alternation of garments with soft volumes and tight bodices and harnesses.

For the creations, sustainable, innovative materials were used and then used in an inverted way with respect to common use: Denim in recycled cotton; Twill, made from production waste; the Casentino cloth; Muskin, a vegan alternative to leather. The bodices were also made with the “Cuoietto Fiorentino” technique. The dyeing of the fabrics is done using natural dyes: coffee, woad and turmeric.

From here comes a story that sees sustainability and craftsmanship protagonists.