Cool Hunter Job: the word to Veronica Solivellas

Creator of one of the most complete international Trend Books for the creation of footwear.

“Veronica Solivellas, Istituto Modartech partner”

Veronica Solivellas creates one of the most complete and reliable international Trends Book and design proposals for the creation and production of footwear.
Below is the interview realized by Modartech Institute.

How do you get to analyze the future seasonal trends?
You must first know the social context, then follow the fashion shows and designers through the four capitals of fashion, New York, London, Milan and Paris, paying particular attention to the colors, shades and evolutions year after year. So we start from color , then we move on to observing street fashions, what happens among young people, who are those who bring unexpected ideas to trends. We must always be alert, then as the years go by we develop an incredible ability to remember even the smallest information, combining together all those details that indicate future trends.

They are the unpredicted “x” factor that can “revolutionize” the evolution of a trend. The requirements for this work are: a multidisciplinary vision and therefore an open mindknowing how to observe, interpret, communicate, be creative and have an in-depth knowledge of the sector, acquired day by day.

In addition, a broad general culture; a great historical background of fashion, to compare new trends with the past and understand where they come from; knowledge of current affairs through cinema, music, art and architecture. We must be animated by a great desire to work.

A trend can last a year or three, time is determined by what it “wants” and therefore manages to sell the market. For example, the fashion of the “fluo”: it lasted about a season, while the “studs” still hold, fomented by young people who listen to rock. This trend has also affected the “luxury” segment.

Trends are cyclical, they reappear and repeat over time, with themes based on naturalness, romance, the latest technologies, vintage, etc.

Tips for those who take this path?
School courses in the artistic field, being awake, reactive and curious, having many interests ranging from music, to cinema, to history. Having constancy: it is a very tiring job that leads to being always on the road physically and with the mind (via the internet).

How much do you work?
I always work, it’s a world with a frenetic pace. One fair ends and another begins and even the productive world of companies is increasingly “faster”. Many do not finish presenting a “collection” that immediately thinks of the next.

What’s your story?
After starting engineering and architecture studies in Paris, I started studying Fashion. Later I moved to Milan. It is in Italy that I really fell in love with fashion, perhaps also thanks to the environment and much more friendly people. I went back to Spain, tried to work with my father, who was a well-known entrepreneur in the clothing world, both in his country and abroad.

After a month of quarrels I quit and tried to devote myself to the world of footwear

I started working for the trend department of the Government of Mallorca, where I completed my knowledge, also thanks to the demanding requests of the collaborating companies. Through the Government, I created the first Trend Book in Spain.

I continued this profession as a freelancer and I became one of the international reference points in the Shoes Trend Book. In recent years, it has become a key tool for companies in the sector because it is based on innovation and reinterpretation as a tool to anticipate the future.

My T.Book differs a lot from the others, is much more creative and presents more colors or better refined research on colors and materials to convey the concept of the trend to the customer.

Contains analyzes and forecasts for the coming seasons, many inspirational images, illustrations, ranges and combinations of colors, textures, prints and texts that highlight the key points for a better understanding of the trend and a series of specifications of the different materials and details concerning the realization of the product.

All designs are available in vector format, ideal for promoting the production and creative process in the company. All this allows us to know which designs, colors and trends will be fundamental, about two years in advance.

Any advice for future designers and trend researchers?
I believe that one of the most important aspects is passion, because this is a profession in which continuous research and analysis is necessary, which requires an open, creative and free of any prejudice mind. And above all: feel satisfaction in anticipating the future!