Creativity Made In Italy: trends and perspectives of the fashion sector

Interview with Piergiovanni Vitalini founder of the company ForzaGiovane.

The dialogue between companies in the fashion sector and students is one of the added values of the teaching of the Istituto Modartech, which takes every opportunity to open its doors to professionals of the fashion system.

Like the charismatic Piero Forza Giovane, who often dedicates special lessons and workshops to our students of the Fashion Design course.

Made in Italy creativity is in the hands of young people, and their desire to experiment. Thanks to the constant collaboration between universities and fashion professionals, young people have the opportunity to express their ideas and channel them in the right direction”.

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The founder of the Forza Giovane trimmings company, which has specialized for years in the research, design and production of embroidery, trimmings and artistic decorations for clothing, gave a lesson to our students of Fashion Design, giving brilliant ideas on mood, choice of fabrics and new trends in Made in Italy fashion production, first of all the importance of sustainability and recycling.

To the lesson he added a charge of energy, positivity and hope to young creatives at the beginning of their careers in fashion.

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