Designing underwear: direct line with the designer Rosanna Ansaloni

Passion and creativity are an integral part of the identikit of a successful stylist.

Passion and creativity are an integral part of the identikit of a successful stylist, in love with lingerie.

Rosanna Ansaloni met the students of the courses in Fashion Technology and CAD Apparel Pattern Making of Istituto Modartech, transferring with simple and incisive language, in addition to her professional path, the coordinates of a fascinating world, apparently distant from the Fashion System. The universe of underwear is instead a solid reality, in which there are still segments to explore and of course professional outlets.

Rosanna, with a past as a model and then as a clothing stylist in the 1980s, declined her creativity in the field of lingerie, in “unsuspected times”, when there were no intimate clothing designers. To her the merit of having transformed the traditional lace and batiste garments (the common nightgowns) into real evening dresses. At the beginning her clothes were extremely elegant, only the fine Como silk was used, and the cuts were those of haute couture.

Rosanna did not want to create a clothing line, but to invent a new philosophy of lingerie, by narrowing the distance between intimate fashion and external clothing.

With the brand she created, Verde Veronica, she extended the concept of comfort and elegance in sleepwear and homewear, to create in 1983 a men’s-inspired pajamas, an evening “double-breasted” for the night. And success has arrived, crossing the borders of the world through the most exclusive boutiques.

After twenty years of success, Rosanna felt that it was time to measure herself with other experiences and reach more ambitious goals. For this reason she created for a period an underwear and beachwear line with her name, without the intermediation of a brand, but using her name in full, to underline the unmistakable personality of her garments. With one of these collections, in 2003, the only one in Italy, it was recognized as the best underwear designer at the Paris Lingerie Fair. Incredulous and amazed at the recognition by the French world, world leader in the sector, she continued with the same creative fervor, combined with meticulous and technical skills of underwear, gained in her long career.

Rosanna creates with her heart and with her hands, takes inspiration from frequent travels, dreams, love stories, and is open to novelties that come mainly from street fashions, transforming them into creative ideas of all original.

For three years Rosanna Ansaloni has been the creative director of the underwear and beachwear division of Twin-Set, an important clothing and accessories company from Carpi, which is recording an inverse trend compared to the general textile crisis.

The inclusion of the lines designed by Rosanna has significantly increased the company’s turnover, thus confirming that these sectors are definitely driving forces.

With respect to the design of the outer clothing, where the image is predominant, in the context of underwear, in addition to the aesthetic variable it is essential to pay attention to wearability.

The technical construction of a bra, for example, a real game of balances and volumes in which a few millimeters make the difference, is a complex chain, which requires sensitivity and skills.

There are many combinations between cups and sizes, each market has different characteristics (for example, statistics have shown that in countries where red meat is consumed, women in general have more abundant breasts), so it is essential to be updated on many fronts.

The underwear must be comfortable, being in contact with the skin all day, adherent and anatomical and the fabrics must be chosen based on the model and the effect you want to achieve, both in technical and image.

“The bra is perfect when you don’t feel it”.

Underwear and beachwear are strongly influenced by fashion trends, but sometimes they become prominent protagonists.

It happened in the nineties when “external” underwear was introduced into Fashion, when corsets became cult garments of hyperfeminine clothing and recently, according to a very recent fashion that comes from the USA, the fashion addicted enjoy breakfast at the bar with pajamas, of course silk.