The Fashion Designer in modern companies must carry out a series of research and design activities alone or in a team.

These design activities generally end with the processing of documents (the sketch, the trendboard, the moodboard, the color chart) which, more and more often, are created directly in digital format.

Made with an interface similar to common vector graphics and illustration software (Illustrator or Corel Draw) the Kaledo Style software >, with its specific tools dedicated to style and clothing, it allows speed, integration and efficiency in the design and planning of garments, leading to time savings and encouraging the construction of graphic libraries and the archiving of work.

The main activities that can be carried out with Kaledo:
Disegno su tavolette grafiche Wacom
  • Create flat and artistic sketches, color drawings of clothing, create, modify, archive fabrics, prints, create seams, accessories, stitching.
  • Starting from the scans it is also possible to create fashion sketches starting from the drawings, vectorize them, fill and color the shapes and clothes, change the fabric and color in images and photographs.
  • Manage colors, fabrics and color combinations, color palettes in .aco, .act and .ase formats; it is also possible to use the standard color libraries such as the Pantone library (Textile for textiles and others)
  • Create the Moodboard, the Trendboard and other stylistic documents relating to the collection.
  • Create technical sheets and models of the garment by integrating the files of other programs in the Lectra suite for clothing.

Istituto Modartech, privilege partner of Lectra, organizes and promotes the Fashion Design Course, three-year course of study to obtain the First Level Academic Diploma in Fashion Design, a qualification equivalent to a Bachelor’s Degree and aligned with international university standards.

Over the three years, all aspects of the profession are addressed, from trend research to the development of real fashion collections of clothing, footwear and accessories, acquiring the knowledge, skills and techniques necessary to move in the contemporary and translate your creativity and style into real products.

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Disegno su tavolette grafiche Wacom