How to become a stylist

The figure of the designer has always had a strong fascination for all those who have the desire to work in the creative fashion industry and the road to becoming it is not at all simple.

The road to become a stylist is not at all as simple as one might think, talent and passion are not enough, although these two elements are indispensable they must be included in a path that requires a lot of commitment and determination. The question that many people ask is, therefore, “How do you become a stylist?

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What characteristics should have a stylist?

The stylist must have some fundamental characteristics to be able to undertake the profession in the best possible way.

  • Is creative, curious.
  • Has a strong sense of imagination to design and create collections and to develop ideas.
  • Travel a lot and do a lot of research and selection
  • Knows how to interpret the style and the distinctive features of the brand you work for
  • Has a watchful eye for textures and colors
  • Has excellent manual skills regarding cutting and sewing and has pattern-making knowledge.
  • Is willing to work hard and not give up despite criticism

What are the necessary skills?

The stylist is a fashion designer able to combine creativity, knowledge of fashion and market trends, economic parameters, technical skills of the project and development of the fashion product.

Designs fashion collections and complete outfits by developing a stylistic theme, designing sketches and collaborating with pattern makers and other professional figures for the creation of the product.

The role of the stylist therefore requires creativity, an aesthetic sense, analytical skills, a predisposition to collaboration and comparison, a spirit of initiative, attention to detail and knowledge of the fashion industry.

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What kind of training does a stylist need?

Being talented is fundamental but not enough.

To become a stylist you need specific training at a fashion school or a degree/diploma in fashion design.
It is necessary to develop a broad knowledge of all the sectors of fashion and an in-depth specialization of the sector both in productive and commercial terms and in marketing.

In addition to acquiring practical and technical skills such as drawing, figurinism, pattern-making… attendance at a high-education fashion school, such as Istituto Modartech, will allow students to discuss with professionals in the sector.

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For example through educational projects and internships, which will give the opportunity to get to the heart of the profession, thus absorbing first-hand fundamental skills, and acquire important contacts for one’s professional future.

If your dream is to become a stylist and you think you have the passion and talent you need, discover the educational offer of Istituto Modartech with the “Fashion Design” Undergraduate Course for the achievement of the First Level Academic Diploma in Fashion Design , qualification equivalent to the Short Degree and aligned with international university standards.

What kind of career can have a stylist?

The stylist can carry out his activity either as a freelancer, as a collaborator or employee of companies in the fashion industry.

He also has the opportunity to work for research and development organizations in the area of clothing culture and as a designer of stage costumes for theater, cinema and television.

Testimonials from Istituto Modartech alumni

Who better than young designers, ex-students of Istituto Modartech, can explain how a passion can be transformed in career?

Alice Gronchi, a young fashion designer, ex-student of the Modartech Institute of the Fashion Design course and now Product Development Manager, talks about her experience at the Institute, the values and skills that the school has transmitted to her:

Unlike other schools, which tend to be much more theoretical, I really appreciated the practical aspect of the school and its concrete contents. Another very important aspect is that Modartech dedicates a considerable effort in the placement of students in the post-course work environment, activities that other schools sometimes neglect.

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Even Nicola Genovese, a young fashion designer, an ex-student of the Institute and now Creative Director of Uomo, explains us what led him to choose Istituto Modartech for his training in the fashion sector: “I did a 360 ° training research evaluating various types of different realities. Modartech seemed to me a concrete and dynamic school, with a close link to what are the school methods and the real planning process that takes place within companies.

Discover the training offer of Istituto Modartech with the Fashion Design Undergraduate Course, the study path that allows you to obtain the First Level Academic Diploma – Bachelor Degree in Fashion Design, a qualification aligned with international university standards.