Infographic Curriculum

The format of the curriculum has evolved: new styles and shapes add touches of originality.

Today the job market is increasingly characterized by great complexity.

Times have changed and with these also the methods of recruitment of companies that increasingly find themselves having to choose between resumes of all kinds.
Getting noticed among many candidates becomes increasingly difficult. What can we do to make our CV stand out among the others? The password is Creativity!

The format of the curriculum has evolved, alongside the classic Europass format there is a whole other world of cv including creative ones, new styles and shapes add touches of originality.
One of the new formats is the Infographic CV.

The infographic, also known as information graphic or infographic, projects textual information in graphic and visual form, often allowing the quantitative display of data, according to a technique born from the combination of graphic arts, journalism and computer science.

The infographic has significant advantages:
1) Syntheticity
2) Originality
3) Readability
4) Immediacy

The infographic simplifies the communication of data, concepts and information and today more and more has become a useful tool for creating a creative and captivating CV.

The infographic CV is, in fact, a curriculum vitae different from the traditional one and can therefore be effectively integrated into social media and is perfect for web recruiting.
Infographics are having a huge spread as they have the plus of capturing attention; a new appeal that induces interest and curiosity in the reader, as well as an improvement in the readability of the cv itself.

The Infographic Curriculum translates textual information that contains professional and educational history into graphic form; is a tool that allows you to take advantage of the immediacy and the simplicity of a visual and synthetic language to build your professional profile, highlighting the most interesting aspects related to the profession for which you apply.

Among the most interesting features of a CV in an infographics form is the display of skills and knowledge with histograms or diagrams that allow a quantitative assessment.

The course of studies, the career and the experiences are also generally translated with graphic aids into layouts, diagrams, graphs or explanatory drawings.

Infographic CVs can be extremely useful for positions related to graphics and creativity.

Useful tools for the construction of the infographic curriculum are graphic programs such as Photoshop, Indesign or Illustrator (Discover our article “ The 6 fundamental graphics software).
Alongside these professional programs, there are web tools to create the online infographic CV in a semi-automatic form and with results that, however, sacrifice the possibility of customization and aspects of creativity.

With these tools it is possible to manually enter the curriculum vitae data or import them directly from your LinkedIn profile; then choosing a graphic layout you can get an infographic that contains our educational and professional history ( – Re.Vu – Kinzaa- – – – Canva).

The infographic curriculum has the advantage of being always available online and therefore shareable on various social networks including Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Knowing how to create a professional and commissioned infographic is a highly sought-after skill: the course of Istituto ModartechWeb & Graphic Design” provides, for this purpose, a series of tutorials and dedicated lessons.

The course allows you to acquire a series of skills of great interest for the sector market by training professionals capable of designing and creating websites, managing social media, applications for mobile devices and videos.

The course lasts one year and includes 200 hours of internship in selected companies and web agencies, mainly in Tuscany (provinces of Pisa, Livorno, Lucca, Florence), however it can be activated without territorial limits in Italy or abroad. The internship will allow a full immersion in the heart of the creative processes in close contact with professionals and web designers thus allowing the student to actively confront the operational characteristics of the profession.

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