Roberto Beqaj wins Vespa Prize 2023

In Creactivity's showcase, a special recognition for Modartech's talent

Roberto Beqaj has been awarded the prestigious Vespa Prize 2023 for his thesis and futuristic collection “Inside My Meta” during this year’s Crea©tivity event.

Roberto Beqaj’s thesis, titled “The Metaverse in the Fashion System“, outlines the challenges and opportunities of innovation in the fashion industry, focusing on the virtual experience of the Metaverse as a key to the future success of brands. Roberto skillfully explored the potential of this new frontier, highlighting how Generation Z is shaping the consumer landscape of fashion.

The Vespa Prize, an international competition dedicated to research and innovation projects in design, has recognized Beqaj’s talent. His thesis and collection have received unanimous acclaim for their revolutionary vision in the context of the Metaverse and its impact on the fashion industry.

The project, inspired by the world of gaming, anime, and hi-tech, from ideation to 3D animation, perfectly marries two parallel universes, real and virtual. A collection that reflects current themes such as inclusion, sustainability, and innovation.

This recognition not only celebrates individual talent but also serves as a clear example of how technological innovation and artistic creativity can converge to shape the future of fashion.

Currently, Roberto is working as a Collection Coordinator Woman at Giorgio Armani Operations.