Interview with Ariete-DeLonghi

Interview with Paolo Laratta, marketing director of Ariete-DeLonghi, an important Italian company in the small appliance sector.

Good communication is the first step towards a winning company.
Within an increasingly complex market characterized by strong competition, the construction of a solid brand identity is today an essential element to stand out and achieve corporate objectives.

Let’s find out the role of communication in the success of a company with an interesting interview with Paolo Larattamarketing director of Ariete- DeLonghi.

The Ariete-DeLonghi group, an important Italian company in the small appliance sector, represents one of the testimonials that will be presented in the Communication Design Course, scheduled for October.

1. How important is communication in the success of a brand?

Communication is an integral part of the development of a project. To be impactful we must be consistent with the positioning of the brand.

Another important element is the exceeding of the minimum visibility threshold. You can also spend a lot of money on average requiring high minimum thresholds and not being seen.

It is necessary to maximize the search for the target and the right media. In this case, communication counts half the project and places a “brick” in building/maintaining the brand.

2. What media does a company like Ariete rely on for its communication? Does the “traditional” story still work (billboards, newspaper advertisements, etc.) or are we moving towards more personalized and direct communication with customers, including through social networks?

To date, the only media that gives guarantees is television. We need to study the media plan well, because the TV landscape is radically changing and the data is not clear.

Social media and the internet in general is on everyone’s lips, but the right key to enter the web user’s “graces” in a serious way has not yet been found. Those who go online know what they are looking for and usually have very little time.

All the things we offer them, banners, youtube videos that you have to see for a few seconds, personalized advertising messages, etc. they are usually “avoided” with a click. Then in the statistics the click counts, but in my opinion, it has not yet been understood how to approach.

3. What advice would you give to those who want to work in this sector?

We must first of all study our target in depth, almost in a maniacal way. Follow him in his habits and look for a media plan that suits him.

If you are launching a collection of jeans for young adults, it is useless to plan generically channel 5, it is more effective and efficient to find all the programs that that target follows, perhaps, in minor channels. The “coverage” of the target will be rewarded.

Another thing is to build stories that remain in mind. There are too many companies with a lot of money to spend on ADV, telephony, food, etc. that fill the schedules with mediocre spots.
At the same cost, you can work on creative ideas that generate a memory, regardless of the frequency of the message.

4. What are the most sought after professional figures?

Agency account, Creatives, Product manager.

5. Design and marketing: what are the future scenarios? How do you intercept the younger audience?

As I said before, we must study the target well. Our personality must be included in the projects, but it must always be within the project that we have built around the target.

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