Interview with Gabriele Gasparotti

From the Communication Design degree course to the experience at Camelot, a well-known communication agency in Milan.

Gabriele, 23 years old, is finishing his Bachelor’s degree in Communication Design. After spending a year abroad, he returned to Italy in search of an academic path. At Modartech, he found his way and was able to acquire comprehensive skills.

He tells us about his project “Outside,” in which he reimagined the Institute’s logo in a modern context as a metaverse, transitioning from creating merchandise to developing a website and social media presence.

Currently, Gabriele is interning at Camelot, a communication agency that boasts talents from Italian cinema and young promises from theater and television in its portfolio.


Which social media pages do you prefer to follow? That of Dario Vignali, a digital entrepreneur whom I had the pleasure of meeting personally.

Describe your style. Minimal and clean.

What will be the future trends in Communication? Minimal brand identity.

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