interview with Federica Barsetti

From student of the three-year course in Fashion Design to experience in Giorgio Armani Operations.

From student of the three-year course in Fashion Design to experience in Giorgio Armani Operations.

Turning the passion for fashion into a profession is the dream of many aspiring designers who are entering the world of creative disciplines for the first time. Many of our students have made this dream come true: after completing their three-year studies in Fashion Design, they immediately came into contact with important fashion houses and had an important training experience that marked the success of their future career.

This is the case of our student Federica Barsetti. Passionate about fashion, over time she has shown a strong sensitivity to the values ​​of craftsmanship, sustainability and innovation by including them in her creations. This is the case of “Mana”, the collection that paraded on the catwalk of “The Values“.
Inner strength accompanied her throughout her studies and her style hit the mark with recruiters. Now he works in Giorgio Armani’s product office.

I am Federica and I live in Lucca in Tuscany.
After earning a diploma in accounting, I entered the world of work remaining mainly in the field of studies.
I decided to make a change in my life by following what has always been my passion: Fashion Design.I did not want to have regrets and I am satisfied with the choice made.

The three-year Undergraduate course in Fashion Design at the Istituto Modartech has allowed me to increase my professional qualities and to date I can do an internship in the product office in one of the most important Italian fashion companies: Giorgio Armani.

1. Why did you choose Modartech?

It seemed to me the Institute that could provide greater concreteness in the field of Fashion Design.

2. How has the experience of the Fashion Design course contributed to your training and your work?

The course of study in Fashion Design was a complete experience. It gave me the opportunity to know and experience the skills necessary to undertake this job.


The course in Fashion Design is very intense and for this reason I feel I can say that it has given a decisive turn to my training both as a person and as a professional.

3. How was the first impact with the world of work outside the Institute?

I already had a working experience behind me, so it felt like I was going back home. The main difference is that now I enter a much more exciting house and it completely satisfies me.


4. What do you feel about working in the product department of a great maison like Giorgio Armani?

Working in a large maison like Giorgio Armani‘s is for me a positive experience that allows me to put into practice the concepts learned during the three years of training at the Istituto Modartech every day.

Checking that the products meet, in every detail, the requirements given by the designer before sending them to the various stores, gives me a lot of satisfaction and at the same time allows me to continue learning theories and techniques of the stylistic area with various professionals in the fashion industry.

The close collaboration with these figures has enriched my knowledge also in the field of company logistics.

5. Many young creatives are entering the profession of Fashion Designer and aspire to enter a great maison like you. What is the most precious piece of advice you feel like giving? And what is the best lesson you have learned working at G.A Operations?

Never stop at the first difficulty neither at the second nor at the third, in short, guys: “Never give up!” New things are learned every day and they don’t always come out right the first time. Sometimes you will feel less inspired but still try to get things done by prioritizing yourself. And above all a lot but a lot of humility! All this is necessary to work in a team and also as a freelancer because you will have to interface with more people. The importance of direct communication and respect in the team are the fundamental pillars that allow you to always work with passion, dedication and make you more open to flexibility.

For more information on the three-year Fashion Design course, send an email to or contact us directly on 0587 58458.

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