Creative and original, Lucia immediately demonstrated her talent, culminating in the presentation of her collection “Anime salve”, a title taken from a 1996 album by De André which draws its meaning from the etymology of the two words “anime ” and “hello, lonely spirits. The praise of solitude is represented through particular processes, such as bleaching, fraying, embroidery, reverse stitching, leather work and metal accessories.

Lucia, in this final phase of the three-year degree course in Fashion Design, was chosen by Dior for an internship within the Product Office.


Favourite designer?
Iris Van Herpen

How would you describe your style?
A mix of street style and tailoring rich in details

Favorite shoe model?
Jordan 1 and classic pump with stiletto heel

What trends will be the future of fashion?
The return to attention to quality, rather than quantity

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