“Design 4.0: Digital Illustration and 3D Rendering“, a masterclass that brings together research, innovation, fashion and design, showcasing the intersection between real objects and virtual content.

The focus is on new communication languages, immediate and highly expressive, which transform ideas into tangible projects. Through a journey ranging from digital illustration to advanced 3D design and rendering technologies, participants have the opportunity to explore the creative process of design products, fashion accessories and graphic elements.

From ideation to moodboarding, passing through vector drawing to working on shapes, textures and proportions to realize a complete project by experimenting directly with 3D technologies such as Substance 3D and Clo 3D.

The masterclass is part of the Bright Festival 2024, an event filled with meetings, workshops, lectures, talks and activities dedicated to art, music and education aimed at students, professionals and enthusiasts. In collaboration with Italian and international universities and companies in the industry.

Technical Partners: Adobe – Rekordata