The most requested jobs in Fashion

The fashion production process is among the most complex in the Italian economy. A fascinating world that opens the doors to the most remote markets and offers numerous job opportunities.

Thousands of professionals work in the fashion system where taste, creativity, communication and entertainment intersect.

The fashion production process is among the most complex in the Italian economy. A fascinating world that opens the doors to the most remote markets and offers numerous job opportunities.
To work in the fashion system, you need to have passion, but above all cultivate your talent: you need to know, experiment, observe… Creativity is a skill to be cultivated day by day which is formed through fashion courses, specialized fashion schools and post-diploma courses.

Here is a brief focus on the most requested professions in the world of fashion, from conception to design up to the sale and communication of the product.


The stylist is the creative figure par excellence who imagines, designs and designs fashion collections and complete outfits.


The trend researcher is a professional who provides creatives, through the development of photographic reports (trend notebooks), with ideas, ideas and data on which to design new lines of fashion products.

Ispirazioni per creare modelli fashion


The clothing designer is the link between the designer and the product. He is a designer who, using traditional tools and innovative technological programs (such as CAD), transforms what the designer imagines into reality.


The fashion designer is able to conceive and design clothing and accessories, defining their functional and technical characteristics, setting up and developing new collections, giving rise to new lines and inspiring new fashion trends.

Flat illustration class


Professional figure responsible for supervising the entire production cycle. It has strong technical components and solid product knowledge. It guarantees compliance with the criteria related to style and those relating to the technical correctness of the product.


Professional who collaborates closely with stylists, editorial staff and celebrities to best enhance and exalt the garments of a collection as part of a fashion show, an advertising campaign or a promotional event.


The SMM is a managerial figure expert in digital communication who has a global vision of a company’s social structure.


He is a graphic designer who takes care of the virtual shop windows of online shops and is at the same time a creative person and a marketing psychologist: he positions the various products in the virtual shop window trying to make them as attractive as possible in the eyes of potential customers.


Strategic figure of great importance both for sales and for the promotion of the brand or product. In the fashion sector he is responsible for online marketing and communication.


Designer capable of designing and managing integrated communication campaigns designed for the customer and therefore adaptable in every aspect to find the maximum effectiveness of the communication message.

And to respond to this request, the Modartech Institute has designed specialist courses and complete training courses, including internships in the company, thanks to which the majority of its students have found work already within the first 6 months of graduation.

Flat illustration class

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