A young designer in the world of communication, a former student of Istituto Modartech, she talks about her career path.

The communication industry is an extremely fascinating and multifaceted world. Talent and passion are indispensable elements, but not sufficient to pursue a career in this sector.

The communication market needs creative, pragmatic and competent professionals. A communication school is valid if provides its students with the right tools to be attractive in the world of work.

Speaks Francesca Vitrano young designer in the world of communication, Istituto Modartech former students.

1. Who you are and what you do?

I’m a graphic designer! I work in the e-commerce department of LiuJo. I mainly deal with graphics (creating newsletters, banners for the liujo b2b website and banners for the liujo.com listing). I also deal with postproduction, retouching model photos, still life and hanging pictures.


2. What brought you to Istituto Modartech and why you chose it?

the desire to do “manual” activities brought me towards Modartech, not just theoretical ones. Lessons are held by professionals who teach their craft with passion and convey a desire to learn new things every day.


3. What advice would you give to those who want to pursue a career like yours?

My advice is to “jump” into new experiences to pursue your passion.

Francesca has just started with great success a career in the world of communications; we at Istituto Modartech do our best luck for her profession is always full of great satisfaction.

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