“Sotto//Forma” the educational project of communication students

In collaboration with Paolo Belletti, innovative fashion photographer and communication teacher.

Creativity is not like many think a bolt from the blue, a brilliant intuition reserved for a select few. Creativity is the result of commitment, work, determination and research. Those who work in the world of communication accept this daily challenge and get involved.

Istituto Modartech knows that theoretical training is not enough to train pragmatic and competent professionals in line with the real demands of the labor market, but it is essential to increasingly stimulate style, personality and student talent.
With this in mind, during the academic year, workshops, exercises, educational projects are organized to allow students to combine technique, practice and the ability to use tools and technologies in the sector by implementing their vision creative.

Focus on an educational project launched within the Triennial Communication Design Course in collaboration with the photographer Paolo Belletti, innovative fashion photographer, teacher in the communication course and the Musei d’Impresa.

The project involves the creative development of an Italian brand starting from its historical archive and its identity through a personal and conscious point of view. Modartech students will focus attention on Made in Italy excellences such as Piaggio-Kartell-Olivetti-Cimbali.

What is the idea I want to communicate? This is the first question that students in the Communication Design course will have to answer.
The students will then follow an in-depth research path and put themselves in the shoes of an “art director” to develop a moodboard, then aiming to realize a clear and innovative idea of ​​a manifesto that tells an aspect of the company involved.

For more information on the Istituto Modartech communication courses, send an email to info@modartech.com

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