interview with Laura Galli

From the three-year course of Fashion Design of the Istituto Modartech to the style office of the Flavio Castellani brand.

From the three-year course of Fashion Design of the Istituto Modartech to the style office of the Flavio Castellani brand.

With an 87% post-diploma employment rate, Istituto Modartech is one of the training institutes able to make its students prepared for the world of work.

Laura Galli has decided to indulge her passion for fashion by enrolling in the Triennial Fashion Design Course of Istituto Modartech, a path that has allowed her to develop her creativity and bring out her personal stylistic code.

The attention to the values ​​of sustainability, social inclusion and craftsmanship combined with the attention to details and fabrics used in the collections hit the mark on the recruiters during the interview. Today he works as a junior stylist in the style office of Flavio Castellani, the brand with a modern, feminine and gritty style characterized by the ancient textile tradition.

I’m Laura Galli, I’m 22 and I live in Lucca. I attended a high school with a specialization in Advertising Graphic Design and Communication and I am currently a graduate student at the Modartech Institute where I attended the Three-year Post Diploma Course in Fashion Design, a course that issues the First Level Academic Diploma (equivalent to the Short Degree).

As a child, the world of fashion has always fascinated me, I decided to deepen my passion and today I work in the style office of Flavio Castellani.

1. Once you have graduated, what prompted you to choose the Istituto Modartech?

I chose the Istituto Modartech because I considered the Institute the most suitable and complete to tackle the course of study in Fashion Design, which is what I wanted to undertake.

2. What aspects of the Fashion Design career have significantly contributed to your training and career path?

The experience of the Fashion Design Course has contributed in a fundamental way to my training and my professional career because during my studies I have acquired many skills related to fashion, modeling and textiles.

I also developed skills related to visual and communication thanks to the constant use of the professional graphics suite. I learned so many notions that I was able to apply in my work thanks to the didactic modules of art history and costume history.

Laura Galli

3. How was your first work experience after completing your studies?

Despite the COVID period, the first impact with the world of work was positive, I am really excited because every day I am able to apply what I have learned during the three years. Being my first working experience in this sector, I didn’t know what to expect but curiosity and the desire to get involved helped me a lot.

4. Tell us about your professional experience from Flavio Castellani.

My professional experience within the Flavio Castellani company has been positive. Right from the start I was able to integrate and identify myself with the brand and with the target it is aimed at. I work within the style office, an area to which I feel more confident.

Laura Galli

With the role of junior stylist, I initially took care of developing research and creating moodboards. I understood how essential it is to stay up to date by following, for example, the new fashion shows of Italian and international designers.

I also have the opportunity to work in the cutting department, verifying the entire production cycle from the pattern to the positioning of the fabrics in series.

Today I work in close contact with the pattern makers and in addition to doing research I take care of designing the garments and floor plans by hand.

5. What is the best advice for a young graduate who would like to become a fashion designer? And what is the best lesson you have learned working with Flavio Castellani?

The advice I can give to young aspiring designers is not to be afraid to get involved and believe in what you do. Each experience helps us to grow and enriches our cultural baggage, it is important to draw input from criticism to improve and treasure the teachings and advice received.

Furthermore, if we work for a brand it is very important to identify with its identity without letting one’s personal taste prevail.The best lesson I have learned working from Flavio Castellani is to never underestimate yourself.

For more information on the three-year Fashion Design course, send an email to or contact us directly on 0587 58458.

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