interview with Niccolò Salvetti

From the three-year course in Fashion Design to the experience in Fashion Publishing in the editorial office of Switch Magazine.

An unconditional passion for fashion and cinematography and a talent for illustration and the visual languages ​​of new media.
The student Niccolò Salvetti found in the Fashion Design Course with release of First Level Academic Diploma – Three-year Degree, an artistic and cultural education in step with its communicative line that focuses on symbols and iconographies of our times through images, drawings and graphics with a high creative impact.

An academic path that arrives in the professional experience as a fashion graphic designer and fashion illustration in Switch Magazine , the avant-garde Bolognese magazine dedicated to visual arts, photography and fashion. Here its history from academic to professional career.

I’m Niccolò Salvetti, I’m 23 and I currently live in Bologna. I am currently doing professional experience as a graphic designer for Switch Magazine .
I attended Fashion Design Triennial Post Diploma Course in Fashion Design at Istituto Modartech and I have always had a great passion for contemporary art, pop culture and cinema.

1. Why did you choose the Modartech Institute?

The Modartech Institute immediately gave me the certainty of being able to express my unconventional creative side.
I chose this school precisely because it gave me freedom of thought, evolution and research; elements applied in all creative disciplines. In these spaces I could finally give vent to my creativity without censorship and prejudice.

2. How the experience of the Fashion Design course has contributed to your training and your path professional?

The Three-Year Course in Fashion Design has nurtured my artistic and cultural baggage and allowed me to put into practice techniques and concepts that I have used in several working areas.
Follow the lessons and workshops alongside of teachers, experts and professionals in the sector, taught me to approach each project from several points of view, always combining creativity and technique.

3. Tell us about your professional experience in the editorial staff of Switch Magazine: what role do you play and what are yours daily activities?

Within the editorial staff of Switch Magazine I play the role of graphic designer for the fashion sector. This experience is helping me a lot because every day I acquire new skills related to the digital world and fashion. I designed editorials ,created photo shoots taking photos of the models, experimented with the latest techniques of video editing and created layouts and graphics for the magazine. A truly educational experience.

4. What advice would you like to give to young people who are entering a career as a fashion designer? And what’s the best lesson you’ve learned working at Switch Magazine?

One piece of advice I feel I can give to young people who are entering the world of fashion and creativity is to remain themselves, stay true. The subjectivity of a person is unique, the points of view multiple; certain concepts and the best ideas come precisely because they are unique in our kind, from a series of internal factors that generated the idea and the atmosphere. There are no canons, there are no edges not to be touched.

For more information on the three-year course of Fashion Design with the release of First Level Academic Diploma – Bachelor’s Degree, send an email to or contact us directly at 0587 58458.

Modartech Graduate collection 2019 al Fashion Show Futur Is

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