Our student of the three-year course Fashion Design tells us about the creative process of her “New Ecosystem” collection.

This year the last year Fashion Design course students have been asked to share their future vision from  their own collection, bringing out suggestions, social issues and innovative technical solutions learned at Istituto Modartech.

Watch now the interview!

Cecilia Albicini has always been interested in social and ecological topics. Through her project she wants draw attention to the actual problems of waste and microplastics in the marine environment.

1. What where your suggestions and what do you wanted communicate with New Ecosystem collection models?

This collection come from the discovery of an ecosystem  in the Ocean Pacific depths.

Outfits succeed one another, telling the story of the sea: from the past, with pure and uncontaminated water, to the future, in which sea will be completely covered by microplastics and populated by new underwater creatures, created by plastics.

The collection is characterized by an ironical vein, behind which lies complaints about planet pollution.

2. You have an advice to give to Fashion Design students?

Don’t be downhearted. Every sacrifice ultimately bring the greatest reward.

Cecilia is currently doing an internship at the Twin Set Style Office.

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