Fashion Jobs: the professions of fashion

Due to its continuous evolution and complexity, the fashion industry needs complete and highly specialized professional figures.

The Fashion System is characterized by the complexity of its supply chain with production and distribution times and cycles that make it increasingly stratified and interconnected.

Due to its continuous evolution and complexity, the fashion industry requires complete and highly specialized professional figures.
Here is a brief focus on the professions most sought after by the fashion world, from conception to design and sales and communication of the product.


The cool hunter is a relatively new professional figure, but certainly one of the greatest advances in the fashion system.
It is a professional who analyzes markets and society, observes and documents new trends, captures inspiring characteristics and provides insights helping companies to move in the right direction.

The cool hunter travels the world in search of new styles (shapes, materials, colors, …) and provides creatives, through the elaboration of photographic reports (trend books), hints, ideas, data on which design the new lines of fashion products.


The stylist is a designer who imagines and designs fashion collections and complete outfits. A creative figure of excellence, it is the one who proposes the concept that inspires the collection; its main task is to create garments by choosing fabrics, yarns and possible accessories.

It is a professional figure able to combine creativity, knowledge of fashion and market trends, economic parameters, technical skills of the project and development of the fashion product.

The stylist can carry out his activities both as a freelancer and as a collaborator or employee of companies in the fashion industry.


The apparel or shoes pattern maker is a highly sought-after professional figure in the fashion industry; is the link between the designer and the product.

Its work consists of developing creative patterns of the fashion designer. It is a designer who, using traditional tools and innovative technological programs (such as CAD ), turns what the designer imagines into reality.

The pattern maker is therefore a predominantly technical figure who realizes the pattern taking into consideration both the technical aspects of the production and the creative indications of the designer.


The visual merchandiser is responsible for the visual communication of the brand within the store. Given its strategic importance, it is a professional figure extremely requested by the fashion system. The visual merchandiser is the one who organizes the preparation and display of the product inside the sales point and concretely realizes the exhibition modules.

It is the real director of the visual communication of the brand and the image coordinator of the store. The visual merchandiser defines the product presentation lines to maximize the communicative value of the brand style. The figure of the visual merchandiser must combine technical skills of marketing analysis and a strong creativity and originality in order to manage and coordinate the brand image in the store at a global level.

Passion and talent are not enough to pursue a career in the fashion world; you need a specialistic training at a fashion school or degree/diploma in fashion design.

It is necessary to develop a broad knowledge of all the sectors of fashion and a in-depth specialization of the sector in productive, commercial and marketing terms.

The acquisition of technical skills and specialist practices of the profession is also fundamental.

Attendance at a high-education fashion school, such as Istituto Modartech, will allow students complete and specialized training; moreover, through educational projects and internships, it will allow students to confront themselves with the professionals of the sector, thus entering into the heart of the profession and absorbing first-hand skills that are fundamental for their professional future.

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