Interview with Luca Giannini, lawyer and private law professor at Link Campus University in Rome.

Among the protagonists of the conference “Creative Day – Esperienze professionali e nuove visioni” Luca Giannini, owner of the studio Giannini & Associati, for years – in addition to teaching international law – works with the big fashion companies.

1. Fashion and law, what do they have in common?

Fashion as a fashion industry is like all industrial sectors subject to the rules imposed by the State.

You cannot enter the fashion market without having knowledge of some regulatory cornerstones ranging from Labor Law, to international contract legislation, from the fight against counterfeiting to the consequent protection of the Trademarks. In short, the law is in fashion in every sector of this express.

2. Is a complete and multi-faceted training sufficient to be competitive at work?

I see today that Fashion Companies are asking young people for a preparation extremely specialized in the fashion sector and at the same time they ask for flexibility in covering different roles within the same divisions.

3. What was your impression of Istituto Modartech?

I was impressed by the competence and specialization found in the dialogues with the students.

An extremely professional and avant-garde environment that is only good for the entire industrial sector.