Two Modartech alumnae behind the scenes of the Teatro del Silenzio

From the Fashion Design course to the collaboration in the show “Ali di Libertà” by Andrea Bocelli.

On 25 and 27 July the two highly anticipated evenings will be held for the fourteenth edition of the Teatro del Silenzio of Lajatico, which will see its hills transformed into the most famous natural theater in the world.

In the SCART workshop set up by the Hera Group, Dalila Lazzeri and Mirgena Koci, former students of Fashion Design course, they have been busy for weeks in the team that is working to create over 200 costumes for the concert that Andrea Bocelli will hold at the Theater, directed by Luca Tommassini and the artistic direction of the architect Alberto Bartalini. Under the direction of costume designer Claudia Tortora, the girls used scraps of leather from tanneries and shoe factories, many colorful pieces of fabric, polycopies of paper, plastic, rubber and lots of fake flower petals.

Industrial processing waste has become the raw material to give life to new creations that will accompany the performances of Mika and DuaLipa, of seventy members of the choir and twelve dancers, of twenty performers and ten flag-wavers, in addition to the sixty elements of the Tommassini virtual family.

The idea is to raise awareness of the issues of the circular economy and the importance of a sustainable use of resources; in this way the recovered material determines and inspires creativity. A unique experience that led Modartech alumnae to collaborate closely with renowned professionals.

A full immersion into the heart of the processes and crucial phases of the work, concretely dealing with the operational and creative aspects of an internationally renowned artistic project.

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