Infographic, who among you has never found this term surfing the net? Quiet is not a dirty word!

An infographic is the graphic representation of data, statistics or information on a given topic, a method capable of making what we want to communicate simple and captivating.

Why use infographics?

We know that people remember only a fifth of what they read. About 83% of learning occurs visually, above all because the human brain records and assimilates images three times faster than a text.

The infographics make the information contained accessible and interesting, but above all easily memorable.

This method of representation has been used for a long time (histograms, line graphs and pie charts), but has seen an exceptional increase in popularity lately.


It is literally infecting the web!

There are many different styles of infographics and data visualization, but the ultimate goal of all infographics is sharing. Those who create them have the goal of spreading their message as much as possible.

For this to happen, the infographic must have certain characteristics.


Tips for building an infographic

Among the main features we find the simplicity, the infographic must have an easy-to-read structure and a linear concept development. So here comes the second feature: the summary. Information, even complex, must be communicated in a short and concise manner.

The use of images, both photographic and graphic, is appreciated by the users: they will help to understand from the first glance what the topic is and will increase memorization by the reader.

Pay attention to the choice of colors: too many colors confuse! For a single graphic designer, it is better to choose two shades of the same color and not many different colors.

As a last tip, but certainly not in importance, choose carefully the topic to “explain”, making sure you have accurate and concrete data.


All right, you are now ready to create your infographic.
Are you looking for inspiration? Here are some of the most popular web platforms. site entirely dedicated to the world of infographics. Here you can find inspirations, tips and interesting articles.

Wisiva: the first Italian social network dedicated to the diffusion of infographics. This platform hosts, creates and promotes quality works.

Pinterest: the social network king of images. What better portal to publish information in the form of images? Just use the search fields and typing “infographic” (better Infographic) find a myriad of Pin about this theme!