interview with Chiara Menapace

From the Fashion Design Course to the experience at Max Mara.

She immediately showed a keen interest in creative activities. She draws, paints, writes, alongside a fervent passion for fashion. She decides to enroll in the Undergraduate Course in Fashion Design at Istituto Modartech and, from there, her dream comes to life. An academic and professional training in art history, modeling, drawing techniques, fashion design and graphic design which allowed her to create her own fashion collection of clothing, footwear and accessories that walked the catwalk of Fashion Graduate Italia 2021 in front of the press, companies, professionals, and HR.
A solid training base combined with explosiveness in artistic creation made inroads during talks with talent scouts and now she works in the Product Office of Max Mara.

This is the successful story of Chiara Menapace.

My name is Chiara Menapace, I am 22 years old and I was born in Livorno.
I express my passions in the creative field: i love to paint and draw. I am currently working at Max Mara in Reggio Emilia.

1. Why did you choose Istituto Modartech and where did your passion for fashion come from?

I chose Istituto Modartech because, from the very first interview, I saw a certain future ahead of me. I had the distinct feeling that this university gave importance to each student, accompanying them along the path of growth. Before choosing this university I wanted to be an artist, but I always realized that I needed a solid foundation to follow this path and Istituto Modartech gave me the opportunity to concretely apply my most artistic side.

2. What is your best memory at Istituto Modartech?

My best memory at the institute was the experience of Fashion Graduate Italia in Milan. I had the opportunity to see the items from my collection made at the Institute on an international catwalk and worn by professional models.
I was so satisfied and excited, a milestone after three years of study, workshops and intense moments.
This opportunity for visibility made me realize that I was following the right path.

3. How the experience of the Fashion Design Course has contributed to your education and your current career at Max Mara?

The experiences acquired during the Undergraduate Course in Fashion Design have contributed a lot to both my personal and professional training.
Today I work a lot with the graphic design and digital illustration programs that I learned to use during the entire three-year period at Istituto Modartech. The familiarity acquired with Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign allows me to carry out indispensable activities every day within the work team at Max Mara and consequently feel myself a useful and fundamental resource. Another important aspect is that Istituto Modartech allows us to prepare ourselves for the world of work, thanks to a specialization of skills in contact with companies and dedicated project work .

4. Tell us about your current experience at Max Mara

Within the company Max Mara I am a fashion graphic designer and I deal with both technical and creative, creating the sketches of the prototypes and graphics of the prints. I also step into the game to support the creative team whenever needed. In this way I am able to learn more tasks from different business areas. I have a great desire to learn by applying the knowledge of the three years.
Chiara Menapace FGI2021

5. Give an advice to the young creatives who would like to work in the fashion world.

Humility is one of the most important qualities, especially for us, young people who approach the world of fashion for the first time. One piece of advice I would like to give at the beginning is to be humble and approach work with a smile. Don’t expect to do big projects or have big responsibilities, you have to take many small steps to reach a certain level.
The important thing is to have passion and show it in everything you do.

6. Your goals for the future?

Learn on the pitch, get involved and keep working in the world of high fashion.

For further information on the Three-year Fashion Design Course with the release of a First Level Academic Diploma – Bachelor’s Degree, send an email to or contact us directly on 0587 58458.

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