Chiara Ferragni newspaper editor? Why not!

Interview with Maria Cristina Nava, fashion editor of the weekly journal Donna Moderna.

Interview with Maria Cristina Nava, fashion editor of the weekly journal Donna Moderna.

Communication and Fashion increasingly go hand in hand, especially in a moment in which new technologies forcefully enter people’s everyday life, amplifying every type of message, including those conveyed by the fashion system. Knows something about that Maria Cristina Nava, fashion editor of the weekly Donna Moderna, which this year was a guest of Istituto Modartech for the meeting “Creatività e professione. Un dialogo tra scuola e impresa”, bringing to the students of the institute her experience in the field. We interviewed her to learn some of the tricks of the trade as a fashion journalist.

1. Fashion moves to the rhythm of new technologies: how has the work of the journalist changed with the advent of new media?

The publishing world has totally changed over the last decade. Fashion journalism has always been in a continuous flow that follows the pace of socio-cultural changes.

Everything has been digitized from photography to writing to newspaper layout. Web and social networks are essential for our work. Now with a click, a world opens up, something that years ago required days of research.

However, for those who want to do fashion, it is important to study the history of costume, art, photography, cinema and theater: always be connected and online with “History”.

2. From fast fashion to haute couture, contemporary fashion contemplates a considerable range of possibilities, from the cheapest and most popular items to high fashion: is fashion journalist now more prepared than in the past?

Surely we have to chase after collections and pre-collections, capsules and flash, cruise and resorts passing through the ready-to-buy shows where you can buy what you see and street style from your smartphone, always a source of inspiration. Everything is consumed quickly and you always have to be updated, giving suggestions and advice to an increasingly attentive, prepared and demanding reader.

3. What would you recommend to a guy who today wants to start working as a journalist working in fashion?

Study, read, go to music concerts, to the cinema, travel and be curious. Never feel like you’ve arrived: there’s always something to learn!

4. Influencer, blogger and journalists: friends or enemies?

Absolutely fluid, how fluid this society is. Now they are all fundamental figures that integrate each other. I would not be surprised to find myself Chiara Ferragni as editor of a newspaper!

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