How to draw a fashion sketch with Kaledo Style

In the context of CAD teaching, Istituto Modartech makes use of the Lectra Software Suite.

Istituto Modartech in the teaching of CAD, makes use of Suite Software Lectra (Kaledo Style, Modaris, Diamino, 3D Fit).

Lectra is the world leader in CAD and services for clothing companies and has recognized the special “Privilege Partnership” to Istituto Modartech together with a few other universities from all over of the world.

The video illustrates how to draw and color a fashion sketch with the Lectra program, Kaledo Style. The teacher retraces all the steps necessary to transform an handmade sketch into an elaborate one using Kaledo Style.
Focus on: import a sketch; close the contour lines; color the skin and insert the shadows; color clothes, insert fabrics and shadows.

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