Gianmarco De Pascalis is an international fashion photographer based in Rome.

De Pascalis travels and works around Europe collaborating with important companies such as Maison Gattinoni, Mercedez-Benz, Wella, Bvlgari hotels and resort, hotel “The Dedica Anthology”, futuroRemoto and RAI.

During the academic year the photographer met the students of the Istituto Modartech  for a workshop dedicated to “Fashion Photography” giving valuable advice. First of all: maximum curiosity!

1. How did you find fashion photography to be right for you?

My father introduced me to the world of photography. At the age of eight, I received a reflex as a gift, which I still cherish today, while at the age of ten or twelve I was already shooting and developing the film in the darkroom on my own.

I always help my father in his photo studio and I tried to look at his work with his eyes. “All the words will be remembered for a while, but everything you learn with your hands and your mind will stay with you forever,” I remember telling me.

I started my career as a photo reporter, but one day I flipped through a Vogue Magazine copy and other books on fashion photography and I was fascinated by fashion photography.

In Rome I studied and then everything started as a game and really turned into the most beautiful thing: work with passion.

2. What advice would you give to the students of Istituto Modartech who want to start a careers as a photographer?

If you want to become a photographer you have to study, observe, read books and watch movies. We need a great fashion culture to be able to “express” and “tell” through images. It is fundamental to be curious about everything, don’t stop at difficulties and be known and appreciated showing own talents to others.

In this work you have to keep up with the times, have a 360-degree culture from all points of view, get updated. Fashion is not a closed circuit: inspiration and patterns are constantly changing. Web has also a great influence on photographers, along with social networks it is a great source of inspiration. We must be multitasking and while we are doing something we already think of another.

If I were a student of Istituto Modartech, I would give 100% in the study and then I would try to enter in the world of work doing internship, a perfect opportunity to “steal with eyes what others do”: the light scheme, the relationship between the photographer, the model, the stylist and the art director, how the different figures present on the set interface each other.

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