Interview with Francesco Lastrucci

From the Web & Graphic Design course to the founding of Midable, Digital Agency 4.0: here is the story of Francesco Lastrucci

An increasing number of young creatives are choosing educational paths focused on acquiring digital skills in line with the growing demands of today’s job market.

One of these promising professionals is Francesco Lastrucci, a young enthusiast in graphics and social media. Thanks to the Web & Graphic Design course, Francesco has been able to apply his artistic flair, creativity, and project management skills to comprehensive online promotion and communication activities.

Highly motivated and interested in the communication sector, after an educational experience where he acquired specialized skills and techniques, Francesco has now realized his dream as the co-founder of the Digital Agency 4.0, Midable. Currently, he works as a Web Designer & E-commerce Specialist.

1. Why did you choose the Web & Graphic Design course at Modartech Institute?

The world of communication was a real discovery for me. I approached this course primarily for the technical aspect, and later, I discovered that this field requires cross-disciplinary knowledge in Marketing and Communication.

2. How has the course you attended proven to be useful?

The course was fundamental because we covered an overview of marketing and communication, and later delved into more specific topics related to the web. These skills are now valuable in my day-to-day work.

3. What inspired you to start your communication and marketing agency?

Midable certainly represents my desire for redemption and the ambition to create something beautiful together with other young individuals like myself. For the future, I expect Midable to grow into a sustainable reality that prioritizes people.

For more information about the Web & Graphic Design Professional Course send an mail to or call at 0587 58458.

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