Interview with Maddalena Bocelli

From the Communication Design degree to the experience at Minerva Digital Solutions, a communication agency in Rome

Maddalena, 23 years old, has completed her 3-year Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Design.

Deeply interested in the field of communication, she chose Modartech Institute to acquire not only theoretical but also practical skills. Approaching her thesis on the topic of musical communication, she conducted research on marketing and communication.

Maddalena has recently completed her internship at the communication agency Minerva Brand Solutions, which boasts well-known personalities in the entertainment industry and brands such as Tim Vision, Universal Italia and Tanqueray in its portfolio.


Which social media pages do you prefer to follow?

Marketing Espresso and Marketing Sniper.

Describe your style.

Colorful, with simple shapes and clear, concise language.

What do you think will be the future trends in communication?

Immersive technologies that enable emotional and engaging experiences.

For more information about the three-year course in Communication Design, please send an email to or contact us directly at +39 0587 58458.