Interview with Marta Ungheria

From a Fashion Design student at the Istituto Modartech to the Yves Saint Laurent fashion house

Istituto Modartech represents the launching pad for young creatives who take their first steps into the world of fashion.

Talents who achieve a successful career over time by crowning the efforts of past years and realizing their dream: working for famous fashion companies.

An example of all is the talented Marta Ungheria, alumna of the Three-year Undergraduate Course in Fashion Design, who tells us about the developments of her academic and professional path up to the current work experience at Yves Saint Laurent.

Marta had already distinguished herself during the triennium at the Istituto Modartech by bringing her collection to the catwalk of the Fashion Graduate Italia in Milan.

She was also a guest of the Rai 2 telecast “I fatti Vostri“, in the “Moda di Moda” section dedicated to young talents.
During that occasion she presented her outfits created for the Aqua Project.
A collection inspired by the art exhibition “In Acqua H2O: molecole di creatività” curated by Stefano Dominella and Bonizza Giordani Aragno.

My name is Marta Ungheria, I am 25 years old and I come from a small town near Figline Valdarno.


1. When was your passion for fashion born?

I inherited the passion for fashion from my grandmother, a small town dressmaker. During the last year of high school I was an apprentice and day after day I fell in love with fashion. Walking on the Leopolda station in Florence I came across the advertising of the Istituto Modartech and I wanted to know this reality.

I immediately took the opportunity that the Institute granted me to participate in the scholarship notice, receiving the opportunity to participate in the basic summer course in the Fashion area.

I understood that fashion would be my world so I have been enrolling in the Three-year Undergraduate Course in Fashion Design, managing to work while studying for the whole three years.

Once I finished the course I did a series of professional internships, which led me to my current world. Now I have a permanent contract with Saint Laurent and I work as a back office in the Research & Developement raw materials office.


2. How has Modartech experience contributed to your training and career path?

Modartech was a launching pad for me.
Thanks to the training course carried out at the Institute, I opened my mind to new experiences. During the three-year period, the teachers ranged between the main fashion-related subjects and this allowed me to understand what my interests and future ambitions could be. Modartech has sent me the skills needed to fully enter the world of fashion, which is now my world.

3. How was your first impact on the world of work?

I approached my first approach to the world of work with a professional internship carried out for the fashion brand “Conte of Florence“.

The internship period was invaluable for my professional training and allowed me to meet prominent people from the world of fashion such as the art director of Conte of Florence: he directed me by passing on his passion and professionalism.

4. How did you get to Yves Saint Laurent and how is your current professional experience in the company?

After the experience at Conte of Florence, I started looking for something that reflected my aptitudes.
I realized that my aptitudes could find space in the research office and in the product office.

I started my experience in Saint Laurent just as an intern in the product office.

I have always been a dynamic resource, taking care of the photographic archive of the sample bags and following the entire color matching part.

It has been 6 wonderful months.
I wish everyone to be followed by such competent and wonderful people as the ones I have known.

Shortly after the internship, I was hired in the research and development office right where I am now. Saint Laurent is a big family, there are people who are worth knowing and with all of them it is worth collaborating to grow.

I feel at home within the company, and I can say that it is a unique experience. Surely all of this has been a wonderful opportunity for me, obtained thanks to many sacrifices, commitment, determination and a bit of luck.

5. What would you suggest to our students today, future talents of the fashion market? And what is the best lesson you learned while working in Saint Laurent?

The best advice I can give is to work hard and take everything that comes as a new growth opportunity. Each of us has the opportunity to demonstrate what is worth sooner or later, so commitment and the desire to do are at the base of everything.

Be enterprising, want to do and have fun even at work, absorb everything you see without ever being satisfied.

In Saint Laurent I found my world, my place to give and be 100% myself. So find your world and you will have found a home.


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