Nicola Setaro

Fashion Graphic Design


The collection expresses the discomfort with modern society, often fake and violent: the outfits represent a raw and difficult reality.
Happiness today is “imposed” by social stereotypes, as well as at the time of the Sun King who decided the fashion and dance steps at the Versailles parties. He imposed “fake” smiles on his courtiers. Today’s social media “group” increasingly shouts out the best idea and the keyboard lions do not hesitate to tear apart the weakest, the losers.

Society conditions young people by irremediably compromising their future due to the damage done to the environment. Progress, however, is irreversible and it is complicated to contest it.
Fashion is beauty capable of redeeming human nature: it is in the enchantment, in the charm of designs and fabrics that one can see, as in a magic mirror, the < strong>better future.
The wish is in a lucky tiara: the scarab.

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