interview with Giulia Ferruzza

From the Fashion Design course to the victory at Mittelmoda up to the experience in the Loro Piana maison.

From the Fashion Design course to the victory at Mittelmoda up to the experience in the Loro Piana maison.

She decides to indulge her passion for fashion by enrolling in the Fashion Design Course, with the release of the First Level Academic Diploma – Bachelor’s Degree which teaches her to direct her creativity towards the development of a personal style. She has distinguished herself over the years for her ability to apply technique and pattern making to creations with a strong creative impact. Participate in the Mittelmoda- The Fashion Award international catwalk during Micam winning the special Pattern Maker Award promoted by Lectra distinguishing himself for his technical skills and of modeling in the creation of the best outerwear and today she works in the prestigious maison of Loro Piana. Now she can claim to have fulfilled her dreams.

I am Giulia Ferruzza and I was born on January 27, 1999 in Florence.
I am a very curious, organized and determined girl, with an aptitude for technique.
Since I was a child I had the opportunity to immerse myself in this fantastic world of fashion thanks to my grandfather who worked in a fabric company and brought me the sample pieces with which I enjoyed creating clothes with which I played with my sister.

Today I discovered that “tying” fabrics directly on the body, to create dreamy dresses, is called drapery. At the same time I spent most of my childhood with my great-grandmother who was a seamstress. It is from her that I inherited these passions.
I studied fashion since the third year of high school in a technical institute where I was able to study aspects related to the technologies of materials and textile processes, but also to put good basics of modeling. It is precisely at the end of this journey that I had the opportunity to create my first real garment, from research to creation, for the end-of-year fashion show. Later I wanted to continue my studies at Istituto Modartech, where I was able to increase my knowledge and try my hand at one of the disciplines that suits me best, which is modeling. I think that my super mathematical mind, precise and organized, has given me the possibility to be very in tune with this subject.

I currently work as a Fashion Designer in the Men’s Style Office of Loro Piana, an internationally recognized company.


1. What prompted you to choose Istituto Modartech?

I chose Istituto Modartech because I was looking for a university that could complete my previous education. I wanted to deepen and increase my knowledge while maintaining a technical-industrial imprint. I was immediately struck by the familiar atmosphere that you breathe, it has always made me very comfortable to be in an environment where we all know each other.

2. How has the experience of the three-year Fashion Design Course enriched your professional career?

Thanks to the course of study undertaken at Istituto Modartech Modartech, I was able to learn important theories and techniques for my subsequent career path. I did not have a good aptitude in drawing, but thanks to the digital techniques learned during the course I was able to improve a lot. I also appreciated that each subject combines perfectly with the other as in a puzzle.

I never imagined making a work as complete and complex as the final collection can be. I had been a dressmaker in all the previous years seeing the collections of former students and it seemed so far from my possibilities.
But don’t worry, I reveal a secret, we can all do it.
On this occasion the whole series comes out. our personality, our being.

When the collection is ready, you feel rewarded for all the work you’ve done and the time spent. I swear to you, there is nothing more beautiful. My first impact with the world of work was more than positive.
One month after Fashion Show I started the stage at Peuterey in the Men’s Style Office, where I designed total look from the accessory to the duvet. I immediately felt at ease due to the great availability of the company and completely up to the tasks I was carrying out thanks to my technical and practical knowledge acquired during the course of study.

3. Tell us about your current experience in the Loro Piana maison: what role do you play and what are yours daily activities?

In Loro Piana I am part of the Men’s Shoes team and I work alongside the operational area of ​​product development. I take care of organizing materials for prototyping and samples, preparing the drafts of the color charts and monitoring materials for shooting with the models. The work is very varied and dynamic and I had the opportunity to learn how to use a very important product program which is PLM by Lectra.

4. What advice would you like to give to young people who dream of a future as a fashion designer?

To the young people who are entering this career I recommend that you always be very curious and take every opportunity that comes your way to pack it up.

Modartech Graduate collection 2019 al Fashion Show Futur Is

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