interview with Maria Chiara Fiaschi

From student of the Three-year Course in Fashion Design to the experience in the bag style office of Cafè Noir.

There is no better satisfaction for a young emerging fashion designer than being able to apply their creativity in a fashion company. A dream come true for our Fashion Design student Maria Chiara Fiaschi who, after completing her academic studies and creating her collection, now works in the bag style office of Cafè Noir, an Italian excellence in the production of leather shoes, clothing, bags and accessories.

Q&A with Chiara

Favorite designer?
Alexander McQueen.

How would you describe your style?
Continuosly changing.

Favorite bag model?
Jacquemus “Le Chiquito” bag.

What trends will be the future of fashion?
Digitization, sustainable fashion, inclusivity, activism and upcycling.

I am Mariachiara Fiaschi and I am 23 years old.
Following my passion for art and creativity, I attended art high school and then, once graduated, I decided to deepen my knowledge in the world of fashion. So I enrolled in the Fashion Design Course  to fulfill my dream: working in the fashion system.

1. What pushed you towards Istituto Modartech?

I chose Istituto Modartech because I was convinced by the didactic program and the laboratory activities. It seemed to me that he had all the credentials to ensure students a future job. I must say that it was just like that: I acquired a 360° professional training which was fundamental to express my personality to the fullest.

2. How has the Fashion Design Course contributed to your professional career in the bag style office of Cafè Noir?

My academic experience has been of primary importance for my education and for my current profession. Every day I work with graphic design programs applied to fashion and accessories, with trends and research. Theories and techniques learned at Modartech that allow me to perform my duties at Cafè Noir.

3. What role do you play and what are your daily activities?

I deal with the design of new bags and wallets, which, once approved, are developed into prototypes and then go into production.
This type of work gives me great satisfaction because I see my creations concretely realized.
Every day I create graphic renderings in which I transform the idea into a visual summary. All this is possible thanks to the familiarity with the graphics programs applied to fashion that I acquired during the three years in Modartech.

4. What skills are important in the fashion world today?

Working in the fashion world means having a series of essential skills such as: the ability to communicate effectively with colleagues, knowing how to convey one’s ideas and then always having a lot of curiosity and desire to constantly get involved.



Healing Fiaschi

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